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Evidence-based explanations of the Covid-19 pandemic, including how it started, how it might end, and how to protect yourself and others.

Your free pandemic health perks are on the way out

How to read a controversial preprint paper on Covid’s origins

Our buildings are making us sick

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Zeynep Tufekci has been consistently ahead of the curve on Covid-19

Oops, we forgot to fix the supply chain

Why do labs keep making dangerous viruses?

The best thing you can do to quash a deadly Covid-19 surge this winter

A wave of anti-vaccine legislation is sweeping the United States

The child care crisis just keeps getting worse 

When, why, and how to get a new Covid-19 booster shot

New Covid-19 vaccine boosters are coming

Why Covid-19 death rates remain stubbornly flat

The two big pandemic investments we still need to make

Why monkeypox is a repeat of the data mistakes made with Covid-19

School vaccine mandates for Covid-19 are not happening

Should you get another Covid-19 vaccine booster now or wait for the new shots?

President Biden has rebound Covid. How risky is that?

The key to universal Covid-19 vaccines lies in your bones

The pandemic impulse purchases we grew to hate

During Covid, most governments just gave people money

We’ve all got Covid-19 fatigue, but BA.5 shows it’s not over

President Biden just tested positive for Covid-19. What happens now?

BA.5 doesn’t care that you just had Covid-19

Why BA.5 is cause for concern, but not alarm. Yet.

Just about everyone in America is finally eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. Now what?

“She hardly goes out”: Racism is keeping many Asian Americans from going to the doctor

Pandemic-related hate crimes against Asian Americans have left many feeling unsafe in public. The consequences of missed health care will have lasting effects.

The Aftermath

Health care in jails and prisons is terrible. The pandemic made it even worse.

Yes, you should test for Covid before going to a gathering

The FDA has authorized Covid-19 vaccines for babies and toddlers. Here’s what parents should know.

A new study claims Medicare-for-all could have saved more than 200,000 lives during the pandemic

Why have politicians stopped talking about Covid?

How the US is failing refugees, in one chart

We just got the most comprehensive study of pandemic learning loss

The kids who have never known life without Covid-19

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When hospitals value nurses as much as jello

Hospitals don’t profit off having good nurses. That’s a big problem.

What the latest Covid-19 variants and subvariants mean for the pandemic

Pandemic school reopenings were not just about politics

Stronger public health systems and uniform messaging are critical to fight Covid-19

Why the FDA rejected fluvoxamine as a Covid-19 drug