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Evidence-based explanations of the Covid-19 pandemic, including how it started, how it might end, and how to protect yourself and others.

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Another Covid-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

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How Covid misinformation stayed one step ahead of Facebook

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The dangers of virus hunting

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New Covid vaccines are coming out. The CDC wants you to get one.

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Covid is on the rise again, but it’s different now

The US has new Covid-19 variants on the rise. Meet Eris and Fornax.

You still need to tell your friends if you get Covid

It’s time to close the gene synthesis loophole that could lead to a human-made pandemic

RFK Jr.’s fringe presidential candidacy, explained

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How AI could spark the next pandemic

A Covid outbreak at a CDC conference is ironic. But is it a big deal?

Why the world should celebrate Smallpox Eradication Day

Can a 50-year-old treaty still keep the world safe from the changing threat of bioweapons?

How Ron DeSantis transformed into an anti-public health crusader

Joe Biden’s newest primary challenger is an anti-vaxxer Kennedy scion

Why we’re scared of AI and not scared enough of bio risks

The key to Covid’s origin lies in Beijing, not Wuhan

The knowns — and known unknowns — of long Covid, explained

The Covid mask wars have left us unprepared for the next pandemic

SNAP boosts kept millions out of poverty during Covid. Now they’re gone.

Why it’s so hard to get answers on long Covid

The FBI and Energy Department think Covid-19 came from a lab. Now what?

Nobody knows what the point of homework is

The new scientific review on masks and Covid isn’t what you think

The other long Covid: The damage done to a generation of schoolchildren

What can the world learn from China’s “zero-Covid” lockdown?

Were bivalent boosters worth it?

Operation Warp Speed was a huge success. So why is the US turning away from it?

How the latest Covid-19 variant is shaping the course of the pandemic

Xi Jinping has abandoned zero-Covid. What happens now?

22 predictions we made in 2022, and the 6 we got wrong

Why are American lives getting shorter?

One of our best Covid-19 treatments doesn’t work anymore. What now?

Ron DeSantis’s vaccine “investigation” is all about beating Trump

China’s health system isn’t ready for the end of “zero Covid”

China’s Covid narrative is backfiring

How “zero-Covid” changed China — and the world

What makes China’s wave of protests different this time

The wave of protests testing China’s zero-Covid policy, explained

How to make Covid the last pandemic

Will America continue to turn away from vaccines?

Going home for the holidays? Boost, mask, and test beforehand.

Your free pandemic health perks are on the way out

How to read a controversial preprint paper on Covid’s origins

Our buildings are making us sick

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