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Evidence-based explanations of the coronavirus crisis, from how it started to how it might end to how to protect yourself and others.

Why Merck’s Covid-19 pill molnupiravir could be so important

The best- and worst-case scenarios for Covid-19 this winter

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Supply chain havoc is getting worse — just in time for holiday shopping

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Making sense of the recent Covid-19 spike

How the risk of Covid-19 for kids compares to other dangers

Some vaccinated people have gotten Covid-19. That’s no reason to panic.

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Why people who don’t trust vaccines embrace unproven drugs

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The new guidelines for Covid-19 booster shots, explained

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Coronavirus explainers

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Does everybody need a booster shot?

Florida’s mysterious Covid-19 surge

A simple solution to endless school quarantines

It’s time to stop describing lifesaving health care as “elective”

The summer that wasn’t

The dubious rise of ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment, explained

The pandemic has created a nation of insomniacs

Americans are dying because no hospital will take them

CDC study: Unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die of Covid-19

Are Biden’s new vaccine requirements legal?

Silicon Valley wants you to know Theranos isn’t Silicon Valley

The US was a world leader in vaccination. What went wrong?

“Neoliberalism has really ruptured”: Adam Tooze on the legacy of 2020

America needs to decide how much Covid-19 risk it will tolerate

What an enormous global study can tell us about feeling better during the pandemic

More Americans are taking jobs without employer benefits like health care or paid vacation

Service workers now have another thankless job: Checking vaccine statuses

You can buy stuff online, but getting it is another story

Why America can’t fix its Covid-19 testing problems

How safe is it for kids to go to school during delta?

Why false claims about Covid-19 vaccines and infertility are so powerful

Should vaccinated people worry about long Covid?

Hurricane Ida could ravage the Covid-strained Gulf Coast

The lab leak hypothesis — true or not — should teach us a lesson

How a cheap antidepressant emerged as a promising Covid-19 treatment

4 lessons from the early pandemic that no longer apply

How Florida’s massive Covid-19 spike got so bad

What full FDA approval for Covid-19 vaccines really means

Biden backs school districts in fight against GOP mask mandate bans

What we actually know about the vaccines and the delta variant

School boards are in open revolt against Ron DeSantis’s anti-mask crusade

Some companies are mandating vaccines — but not for front-line workers

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The long road to India’s unparalleled pandemic catastrophe

India’s health system was broken. Then the delta surge arrived.

Why no one knows how bad Facebook’s vaccine misinformation problem is

Why it’s so hard to be a nurse in America, according to two nurses

The Texas GOP’s war on governing

How Ron DeSantis’s Covid response became the model of what not to do

We have to accept some risk of Covid-19

The pandemic changed the trajectory of America’s overdose and suicide crises

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