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Your guide to what's happening on Capitol Hil

Democrats’ immigration hopes rest on a decision by the Senate parliamentarian

Medicare’s benefits are full of holes — and patients keep falling through

Millions of Americans don’t have drinkable water. Can the infrastructure bill fix that?

The infrastructure bill provides historic funding for public transit. It’s not enough.

Democrats’ infrastructure gamble actually seems like it could be working

How two competing cryptocurrency policies began a conversation on digital rights

The danger of anti-China rhetoric

The lapsed eviction moratorium is the Supreme Court’s fault

Does Congress know what it would take to stop the next pandemic?

Democrats are going it alone on immigration reform

The Senate’s infrastructure gamble, explained

A federal judge declared DACA unlawful. Here’s what that means.

What a Reagan-era law can teach Democrats about legalizing undocumented immigrants

The cost of bipartisanship

Poll: A majority of voters support the PRO Act and union protections

Why Democrats are voting on bills that have no chance of passing

Democrats’ doomed voting bill is too broad to pass — and not broad enough to work

Paid leave is incredibly popular — even with Republicans

Progressive groups are “fed up” with Biden’s infrastructure playbook

A bipartisan January 6 commission is probably dead. Democrats have a backup plan.

Any bipartisan January 6 commission is probably doomed

Democrats barely passed a bill to increase security at the US Capitol

Biden’s negotiations with Republicans are making some Democrats anxious

The House passes bill to combat anti-Asian hate crimes

The GOP whitewash of the Capitol attack shows the need for a January 6 commission

As McConnell gears up for obstruction, 43 percent of Republican voters say they prefer bipartisanship

A majority of voters see an urgent need for police reform following the Chauvin verdict

Sen. Tim Scott says Congress is close to a police reform deal

Republicans and Democrats agree on the need for an infrastructure bill. That’s about all they agree on.

The Texas special election, explained

Manchin’s opposition to DC statehood weakens its chances

5 winners and 3 losers from Biden’s first congressional address

Biden takes aim at American inequality by investing $1.8 trillion in families

This could be the year federal paid leave finally passes

Joe Manchin wants to save Democrats from themselves

But is his love for the filibuster dooming the country to dysfunction?

Republicans’ opening bid on infrastructure is about a quarter of the size of Biden’s plan

The fight for DC statehood gets its best chance yet

Amy Klobuchar has a plan to build more housing

Moderate Republicans want Senator Biden back

A bill on studying reparations is getting a House vote 30 years in the making