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Your guide to what's happening on Capitol Hil

Republicans’ baseless Mayorkas impeachment sets a disturbing precedent

Republicans’ humiliating failed impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas, explained

Democrats are trying to pass a right-wing border bill, but the GOP won’t let them

Why Trump fears a Biden-GOP immigration deal

The GOP is moderating — and coming unhinged

How political gridlock could kill the best global health program the US ever passed

House Republicans’ humiliating year, explained

The urgent to-do list awaiting Congress in January

What happens in Ukraine if US aid disappears?

Biden weighs a “shocking” revival of Trump’s immigration agenda

What elite universities — and their critics — get wrong about campus antisemitism

Why Republicans are pursuing an unfounded impeachment inquiry into Biden

Can Democrats overcome their deep divisions over Gaza?

Why so many members of Congress are calling it quits

George Santos’s messy expulsion vote, briefly explained

We’ve been fighting poverty all wrong

Congress is procrastinating on the real government shutdown fight

The House censure of Rashida Tlaib, explained

Joe Manchin retires, making Democrats’ brutal 2024 Senate map even more brutal

The House Israel aid bill is a reminder that Trump-aligned Republicans are now in charge

“Lord of the Flies”: New House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a chaotic opening era

The “uniparty”: The far-right obsession driving GOP chaos, explained

Jim Jordan’s radical speakership bid falls short on the House floor — again

Steve Scalise quits speaker race after humiliating 24 hours

How Congress stumbled on the worst combination of representative government

Republicans have nominated Steve Scalise for speaker. Now comes the hard part.

9 questions about Kevin McCarthy’s downfall and House GOP chaos, answered

Kevin McCarthy is out. Who might replace him as speaker?

The West’s united pro-Ukraine front is showing cracks

Who is Laphonza Butler, California’s new senator?

Congress just avoided a shutdown. Kevin McCarthy’s fight is just beginning.

Congress avoided a shutdown. What happens now?

Everything you need to know about government shutdowns

The Republican vs. Republican feud behind the government shutdown fight, explained

What Dianne Feinstein’s death means for California’s Senate elections

A simple way to prevent government shutdowns

This stream has:

What to know as Congress avoids government shutdown

A new Supreme Court case could trigger a second Great Depression

The Senate is having a meltdown over whether it’s okay to wear shorts

What the Senate loses with Mitt Romney’s retirement

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