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Amazon’s strategy to squeeze marketplace sellers and maximize its own profits is evolving

Why Hertz’s big Tesla deal is such a blockbuster

Why your credit card company wants to give you crypto

Supply chain chaos and inflation could last into 2022

Bitcoin’s big day on Wall Street

No, the supply chain mess is not a war on Christmas

Biden’s SEC is ready to regulate cryptocurrency

Feds are seizing cryptocurrency from criminals. Now they have to figure out what to do with it.

Is shilling for brands a necessary evil?

The life cycle of a viral product

Worldcoin wants to give you cryptocurrency — in exchange for scanning your eyeballs

Venmo’s new fees are frustrating people with side hustles

The ever-changing pressures of running an Instagram business

Why Etsy dropped $1.6 billion on Depop

Amazon is changing the dates for Prime Day again

Amazon internal messages show the FTC is prodding the tech giant to punish fake-review schemers

The battle for the future of “gig” work

Ride-sharing companies are pushing to make a third category of "independent" worker the law of the land. Drivers say the notion of independence is little more than a mirage.

A crypto billionaire donated $1 billion to India. Make sure you include an asterisk.

Buy now, pay later changed retail. Health care and rent are next.

A leaked Walmart memo highlights the daunting challenges facing the world’s largest retailer

Amazon employees say you should be skeptical of Jeff Bezos’s worker satisfaction stat

Biden’s labor secretary says gig workers should be considered employees

Amazon will let you pay with your palm in some Whole Foods stores

Jeff Bezos seems to be reckoning with his legacy in the wake of the Amazon union drive

Like it or not, you should probably start paying attention to bitcoin

Vaccine-themed gear is in high demand on Etsy

The results of Amazon’s historic union vote are days away

Amazon employees accuse the company of union-busting after it removes workers from an internal directory

NFTs, explained

Why did Jack Dorsey buy Jay-Z’s failed music service?

New York is suing Amazon over pandemic labor conditions

What to expect from Amazon’s new CEO Andy Jassy

Walmart’s e-commerce chief is leaving to build “a city of the future”

Amazon has started removing QAnon and right-wing militia merchandise following employee complaints

Shopify hits President Trump where it hurts: His wallet

The year shopping changed forever

What one of Amazon’s biggest critics thinks the future of the retail industry means for workers

Online shopping is booming but so are returns. An old-school solution is gaining steam

Pop culture’s department stores taught us what to want

One of the few Black C-suite execs in tech is starting a firm to invest in Black, Latinx, and women entrepreneurs

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