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Comic Books

Vox's coverage of all things comics, from comic books themselves to movies based on them.

Why Shang-Chi’s success matters — and why it shouldn’t

How Shang-Chi’s post-credits scenes shape the future of the MCU

Welcome to the bigger, bolder, and maybe overcrowded MCU

Black Widow’s post-credits scene sets the table for Florence Pugh and the MCU

Justice League’s Snyder Cut saga reminds us which fans’ voices get heard

5 changes in the Snyder Cut that improved Justice League

The Snyder Cut rights a lot of Justice League’s wrongs

Can Captain America serve two dramatically different versions of America?

One Good Thing: The cosmic horror of everyday life, captured in one manga anthology

The Batman’s trailer seems like another grim take on the hero. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The Snyder Cut trailer shows off unseen Justice League footage and Darkseid

Umbrella Academy season 2’s ending, explained

Umbrella Academy delivers a rambunctious, touching second season

Comic-Con 2020 was entirely virtual — but was it still magical?

The history and future of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, explained

San Diego Comic-Con is canceled for the first time in its 50-year history

Emerald City Comic Con is postponed amid Seattle’s coronavirus outbreak

The unfair pressure for Birds of Prey to be a great feminist superhero movie

Locke & Key had a long, bumpy road to Netflix. It came out worse for wear.

Birds of Prey finds the fun in Harley Quinn’s breakup and breakdown

Watch: Marvel expands the MCU with the first trailer for its Disney+ shows

Netflix is turning One Piece, one of the biggest comics ever, into a live-action show

Morbius, Marvel’s living vampire, finally has a trailer. And a huge Spider-Man connection.

A cartooning superstar says drawing is our native language. It’s never too late to become fluent.

How Ms. Marvel became Marvel’s most important superhero

The long-lost trailer for New Mutants, the highly anticipated X-Men spinoff, is finally here

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How Iron Man and Captain America took Marvel from upstart to juggernaut

Watchmen episode 8 has an Adrian Veidt-centric post-credits scene. It’s bonkers. 

The fight to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of Justice League (which may not even exist), explained

Watchmen dives into the past in an episode unlike any other in TV history

Joker director Todd Phillips wants to do a sequel — and more DC origin stories

Some Watchmen fans are mad that HBO’s version is political. But Watchmen has always been political.

In 1986, Watchmen skewered the way we love superheroes. It’s still as relevant as ever.

How Don Hertzfeldt made his mind-bending stick figure animation into a strange and terrific book

The fight over Joker and the new movie’s “dangerous” message, explained

House of X’s game-changing twist proves it loves the X-Men as much as fans do

The Joker’s final trailer reveals how society created the Joker

Why Spider-Man’s future in the MCU isn’t as bleak as it seems

Art Spiegelman, creator of Maus, calls out Marvel Comics for its “apolitical” politics

Marvel just changed everything we thought we knew about the X-Men in one fantastic comic