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Why streaming devices and streaming networks are fighting over your eyeballs 

Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service, wants you to watch ads

You may not have to pay anything — for now — to see new shows on Apple TV+ and elsewhere

Maybe there won’t be a media merger frenzy after all

Disney and Comcast are willing to walk away from Rupert Murdoch’s local sports networks

Comcast has formally announced its plan to make Rupert Murdoch even wealthier

Netflix is now worth more than Comcast

Here’s why Comcast says it should own Fox’s business — and why Fox says it still prefers Disney

Comcast’s internet revenue is catching up to TV

Netflix is worth more than GE or Ford, and it’s creeping up on Disney

The media merger wars are on. Next up: Comcast’s bid to undercut Disney’s purchase of Fox.

Disney’s Fox acquisition means the end of Hulu as we know it

Comcast wants to buy Fox’s international biz, but it’ll have to wait for AT&T-Time Warner approval first

Comcast is selling an $18 streaming TV service — but only for Comcast internet customers

Comcast’s top government guy says Trump won’t stop many mergers

Comcast, the largest broadband company in the U.S., is getting even bigger

Comcast is going to start selling wireless phone service

AT&T and Comcast say they weren’t invading your privacy in the first place

NBCUniversal explains why it just invested $500 million in Snap

Comcast is integrating YouTube into its set-top box — just like it did with Netflix

Apple’s TV guide app has launched — without Netflix, which is working with Comcast

Netflix says users will like its Comcast deal, but investors won’t really care

Comcast will let customers get Netflix on its set-top box (which is a very big deal)

Google and Comcast may be following this tiny company into the world of Wi-Fi-first phones

Vimeo buys VHX to build up its fledgling video subscription business

Fox and Disney want to sell their own web TV bundle, via Hulu, for $40 a month

Comcast announces plan to buy DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion

Comcast is reportedly planning to buy DreamWorks for more than $3 billion

Now Turner wants to sell you a web video service, too

The White House wants to let Google and Apple build your cable TV box

Microsoft Tells Possible Yahoo Buyers It Would Consider Backing Bids With Big Bucks

Live, on Facebook, It's Something Like TV but Not Exactly TV

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile All Register to Bid in Upcoming Wireless Spectrum Auction

The FCC Is Auctioning Off Airwaves: Here's What That Could Mean for Your Mobile Phone Service

Understanding the FCC's Move to Protect Broadband Users' Privacy

The Daily Fantasy Boom Turned Into a Nightmare. Now What? FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles Explains. (Video)

More People Streamed the Super Bowl Than Ever Before. Here Are the Numbers:

How to Stream the Super Bowl for Free (If You Insist)

ESPN Says Skinny Bundles Are Big. Comcast Says They're Not. The Future of TV Is Confused.

Comcast Has Just Started Rolling Out Its Gigabit Internet Service