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Vox's coverage of climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental issues

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Jane Flegal is doing whatever she can to fight climate change

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Priya Donti is harnessing AI to fight climate change

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Hannah Ritchie fights climate doomerism with facts

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Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò is building a theory of justice for a warming world

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Robinson Meyer is demystifying what decarbonizing the economy really means

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Jesse Jenkins is figuring out how to electrify America’s power grid

Want to fight climate change effectively? Here’s where to donate your money.

The future of the planet hinges on understanding these 5 key phrases

Mud libraries hold the story of the Earth’s climate past — and foretell its future

Are your holiday meals pricier this year? Blame extreme heat.

Biden gives center stage to the climate report Trump tried to bury

Joe Manchin deserves (some) credit for fighting climate change

How the fossil-fuel lobby weaponized Julia Child’s gas stove

It takes more than trees to build a livable city

Lahaina schools are open again. Parents worry they’re ridden with toxic waste.

Why Norway — the poster child for electric cars — is having second thoughts

Why more fossil fuel workers aren’t joining the clean energy revolution


How China is designing flood-resistant cities

The propane industry’s weird obsession with school buses, explained

How Hurricane Otis defied forecasts and exploded into a deadly storm overnight

Water-hungry golf courses plague Arizona’s native javelina-filled landscape

The World Bank can bring the world’s poor into the clean energy revolution


Cow burps are a climate problem. Can seaweed help?

This land isn’t for you or me. It’s for the meat industry.

These strange underwater animals could save our lives. If we don’t destroy them first.

Why Biden’s multibillion-dollar bet on hydrogen energy is such a big deal

It’s not just Paris. There’s a “global resurgence” of bedbugs.

What happens if you force companies to reveal how much they contribute to climate change?

What Salt Lake City gets right about downtown

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El Niño is nowhere near done wreaking havoc on the world’s weather

How a tiny island is adapting to climate change ... on its dinner plates

We know where the next big earthquakes will happen — but not when

The Winnemem Wintu won land back for their tribe. Here’s what’s next.

It’s clearer than ever that we’re pushing the Amazon rainforest to its dreaded demise

A traumatized Maui will soon resume selling paradise to tourists

How do you prepare a city like New York for major floods?

The “new abnormal”: The rise of extreme flooding, briefly explained

How radical should you be when you’re trying to save the planet?

The US power grid quietly survived its most brutal summer yet

Human progress has come at the expense of animals. It doesn’t have to.

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