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Cities & Urbanism

Vox's coverage of the places we live: urban, surburban, and everywhere in between — and how policies are transforming those spaces.

Why pedestrian deaths in the US are at a 40-year high

The “return to the office” won’t save the office

How to save America’s public transit systems from a doom spiral

Homeless encampments — and the debate over what to do about them — explained

Elon Musk’s tunnels to nowhere

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A crisis on America’s roads

With pedestrian and traffic fatalities on the rise, how can the US make its roads safer?

A driver killed her daughter. She won’t let the world forget.

Large vehicles and unsafe streets are killing too many people, including 5-year-old Allison Hart. Now, her mother is fighting for safer streets.

The wasted potential of garbage dumps

Our buildings are making us sick

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Too many Americans live in places built for cars — not for human connection

How urban planning contributed to the great undoing of modern friendship.

What if the suburbs were just a first draft?

Remote work, the arrival of home-owning millennials, and other forces can be an opportunity to remake them for the better.

How to clear the air in the most polluted cities on Earth

I changed my mind on rent control

The case for funding bike infrastructure


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How America’s hottest city is trying to cool down

California is ending a rule that helped cause its housing crisis

The housing crisis is the top concern for urban residents

The affordable housing shortage is hurting Afghan refugees

The “g-word” of urban policy

New York City issues vaccine mandate for indoor activities, confuses entire country

How to redesign cities to withstand heat waves

Walmart’s e-commerce chief is leaving to build “a city of the future”

Why we’re still years away from having self-driving cars

Is it time to build feminist cities?

Imagine Hurricane Katrina during a pandemic. The US needs to prepare for that — now.

How to make a city livable during lockdown

Is it time for American cities to stop growing?

Will luxury towers edge out the last of the working-class Chinese in New York’s iconic Chinatown?

The case for raising kids in the city

Austin’s failed attempt to regulate Uber and Lyft foreshadowed today’s controversies

Scooters may be a better business than Uber or Lyft, says Lime president Joe Kraus


How London is fighting its nightmare traffic

Making cities more dense always sparks resistance. Here’s how to overcome it.

Microsoft’s $500 million plan to fix Seattle’s housing problem, explained

The scooter stampede of 2018 is great news for urban transportation

Shopping local won’t save small businesses from closing. Here’s what will.


Don’t blame the scooters. Blame the streets.


How Janette Sadik-Khan built New York City’s bicycle renaissance

Walkable urban areas can become playgrounds for the rich. Is there any way to prevent that?

Young families typically leave cities for the suburbs. Here’s how to keep them downtown.

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