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News and analysis about China, a country with the world's second-largest economy, a terrible record on human rights, and global ambitions.

The militarized AI risk that’s bigger than “killer robots”

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is pictured raising a fist in a party salute, with images of his family and the word’s “Xi’s rise” in graphics behind him.

The rise of Xi Jinping, explained

How Myanmar’s resistance could topple its military government — for good

The achievement of this year’s Biden-Xi summit is, simply, the meeting itself

There’s a sliver of good US-China news — and it involves nukes

US-China tensions are every country’s problem now

What’s up with China’s disappearing senior military officers?

China’s economy is slowing down. What gives?

Why so many countries want to join BRICS

It’s time for a new atomic altruism

The saga of China’s missing-then-fired foreign minister

Here’s what’s at stake in Blinken’s trip to China

The US’s multiple Indo-Pacific strategies, explained

The nationalist dark side of Joe Biden’s climate policies

Will having the world’s biggest population make this the “Indian Century”?

Can a 50-year-old treaty still keep the world safe from the changing threat of bioweapons?

Taiwan’s president is in the Americas — and China’s not happy


Why China’s population is shrinking

America’s hypersonic arms race with China, explained

Is TikTok too big to ban?

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The case for slowing down AI

The key to Covid’s origin lies in Beijing, not Wuhan

Steve Bannon’s go-to funder Guo Wengui just got indicted for fraud

For now, the one thing Congress seems to agree on is China

After Munich meeting, the US-China relationship is still a mess

What’s going on with the unidentified objects that US fighter planes keep taking down?

Balloons and UFOs aside, war with China is not inevitable

If the US and China go to the brink, can they figure out how to de-escalate?

The balloon thing is a bad sign for US-China relations

What can the world learn from China’s “zero-Covid” lockdown?

Are we in a new Cold War?

How China came to regret its one-child policy

Japan’s plan to ramp up military spending, explained

Xi Jinping has abandoned zero-Covid. What happens now?

China’s alliance with Saudi Arabia signals a potential shift in the global order

China’s health system isn’t ready for the end of “zero Covid”

China’s protests are testing the surveillance state

China’s Covid narrative is backfiring

How “zero-Covid” changed China — and the world

What makes China’s wave of protests different this time