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News and analysis about China, a country with the world's second-largest economy, a terrible record on human rights, and global ambitions.

Are we in a new Cold War?

How China came to regret its one-child policy

Japan’s plan to ramp up military spending, explained

Xi Jinping has abandoned zero-Covid. What happens now?

China’s alliance with Saudi Arabia signals a potential shift in the global order

China’s health system isn’t ready for the end of “zero Covid”

China’s protests are testing the surveillance state

China’s Covid narrative is backfiring

How “zero-Covid” changed China — and the world

What makes China’s wave of protests different this time

The wave of protests testing China’s zero-Covid policy, explained

North Korean missile launches may mean new nuclear tests

Biden and Xi met for three hours. It’s the sit-down the world’s been waiting for.

Biden’s hugely consequential high-tech export ban on China, explained by an expert

How Xi Jinping secured his third term in power — and quashed dissent

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Rayhan Asat and the Uyghurs’ valiant fight against Chinese oppression

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Liu Hongqiao is holding China accountable for its role in the climate crisis

The Chinese government’s unlikeliest standoff is with … fandom

What Xi Jinping’s third term means for China and the world

3 events that shaped Xi Jinping’s worldview

Climate change has come for the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter

Chips are the new oil. There are no reserves.

Biden’s promise to defend Taiwan says a lot about America’s view of China

The drama over Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan travel plans, briefly explained

Shinzo Abe wanted to make Japan a “normal country” — as he saw it

How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies

Xi Jinping asserts his power on Hong Kong’s handover anniversary

If aliens are calling, let it go to voicemail

Why Biden’s off-the-cuff comment about defending Taiwan matters

What Biden’s approach to Asia misses

The developing Covid crisis in Beijing, explained

Was Russia’s decision to cut off natural gas exports a mistake?

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka, explained

How China’s zero-Covid policy is failing Shanghai

What the media needs to get right in the next pandemic

What Chinese media is saying about Russia’s Ukraine war

How Hong Kong’s pandemic success story turned into a nightmare

The war in Ukraine could portend the end of the “long peace”

How to clear the air in the most polluted cities on Earth

The Olympic ideal is about world peace. The Olympic reality is far from it.