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Nicki Minaj isn’t anti-vax, exactly. That’s why her vaccine resistance is so concerning.

John Mulaney was performing a role all along

What we’ve learned about Britney Spears’s conservatorship case changes everything

Donda: The hype, the controversy, the music, the Kanye of it all, explained

20 years after Aaliyah’s death, her story only feels more tragic

The Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck recoupling is the greatest gossip story we’ve had in years

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has become a true crime doc

Why LeVar Burton’s Jeopardy! quest feels so meaningful

Whitney Houston’s story shows the danger of being America’s sweetheart

Why America embraced Whitney Houston, and how it destroyed her.

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Bill Cosby rape allegations: What you need to know

Britney Spears wasn’t wrong to think people would mock her for telling the truth

Britney Spears speaks: “I’m so angry it’s insane”

Why Britney Spears’s fans are convinced she’s being held captive

Is the teen girl the most powerful force in pop culture?

Chrissy Teigen’s fall from grace

This stream has:

The Purity Chronicles

Paris Hilton’s sex tape was revenge porn. The world gleefully watched.

Why the author of Girl, Stop Apologizing had to apologize twice in a week

Why Taylor Swift is rerecording all her old songs

Lil Nas X’s evil gay Satanic agenda, explained

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is ending, but the Kardashians aren’t

The rape allegations against Armie Hammer, explained

The Bachelor’s messy, uneven, and long-overdue reckoning with racism, explained

Harry, Meghan, and the ghost of Diana: “What I was seeing was history repeating itself”

Harry and Meghan’s explosive Oprah interview, explained

Many interracial couples know exactly what Meghan Markle went through

How Meghan Markle’s openness about her suicidal thoughts could help others

Meghan Markle says the royal family was “concerned” about her future child’s skin color

The Woody Allen vs. Mia Farrow story is also a story of workplace abuse

How Dolly Parton became a secular American saint

How ’90s Christian radio enabled Rush Limbaugh’s toxic views

How Joss Whedon’s feminist legacy unraveled

Who is responsible for what happened to Britney Spears?

The angry women of Carey Mulligan

How one hit song won The Weeknd a Super Bowl halftime show

The sorrows of Ben Affleck

Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish accent and suspect origin story, explained

How influencers are being recruited to promote the Covid-19 vaccine

Taylor Swift, pop culture workhorse

A new era of celebrity tabloids, minus the snark