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Keanu Reeves, explained

Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and the Easter egg-ification of the Hollywood feud

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One year later, Chris Rock addresses the Will Smith Oscars slap

Brad Pitt was the only winner of the Aniston-Jolie tabloid battle

Why Pamela, a Love Story works where Pam and Tommy failed

The Good Morning America anchors who made us love cheating scandals exit ABC

Prince Harry’s Spare is a sad and self-indicting portrait of royalty on the brink

Real Housewife Jen Shah is sentenced to 6.5 years in prison

Gossip was the saving grace of 2022

Why we’re relitigating the Casey Anthony case now — and why we shouldn’t

Netflix’s Harry and Meghan docuseries brings nothing new to the table

Kanye West’s antisemitic spiral, explained

Does it matter how real The Crown is?

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and their $50 million defamation suit, explained

All the big new rom-coms star the same people they did 20 years ago

Let’s go down the rabbit hole of Taylor Swift conspiracy theories

The Chinese government’s unlikeliest standoff is with … fandom

What are we supposed to do about Kanye now?

Angelina Jolie alleges Brad Pitt physically abused her and their children

Cheating scandals hit different right now

Who built Marilyn Monroe?

The many scandals of Don’t Worry Darling, explained

The queen’s funeral (plus what’s happening with the money and the corgis), explained

A complete timeline of the Lea Michele-Beanie Feldstein-Funny Girl casting controversy

They hate to see a nepotism baby winning

The downfall of Armie Hammer, explained

With I’m Glad My Mom Died, Jennette McCurdy lays bare the horrors of child acting

Ezra Miller — and their recent volatility — explained

How Beyoncé became Beyoncé in 3 not-at-all-easy steps

What we mean when we say Beyoncé is “saving” house music

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The hollowness of Tom Cruise

One Direction fangirls created the internet as we know it

Johnny Depp’s legal victory makes it clear the Me Too backlash has arrived

Staring down 30 at the Taylor Swift dance party

Why the Depp-Heard trial is so much worse than you realize

Kendrick Lamar’s Auntie Diaries is a clumsy attempt at trans acceptance

Will Smith’s slap and Oscars ban, briefly explained

Kirsten Dunst, great American wanter

Bipolar disorder is complicated. So is how we talk about Ye.

The chaotic, irreplaceable Wendy Williams