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Carly Fiorina

Coverage of the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and candidate for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination.

Carly Fiorina was briefly a Republican primary star. Now she’s dropping out of the race.

Donald Trump supporters think about morality differently than other voters. Here’s how.

How on Earth can anyone vote for that ... [fill in the blank]? This is a question some Americans ask during every presidential primary race, but this year our mutual incomprehension feels especially intense.

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina offer millions to veterans' groups — but only if Trump debates

Carly Fiorina: Unlike Clinton, "I actually love spending time with my husband"

Carly Fiorina said she’s been “called every b-word in the book” at the Republican debate

Donald Trump put Carly Fiorina down for "interrupting everybody" in GOP debate

Carly Fiorina's wildly misleading "92 percent" claim about women and jobs

Carly Fiorina's controversial record as CEO, explained

Why “gender gap” analysis of American politics is mostly wrong

New video that claims “Carly Fiorina was right” shows the opposite

This Carly Fiornia Super PAC ad doubles down on Planned Parenthood attack

9 things to know about Carly Fiorina — from workplace sexism to being CEO of HP

Wanna be president? Leave Congress out of it.

Was Carly Fiorina an okay CEO or a terrible one? It doesn’t really matter.

Carly Fiorina suggested marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. She's wrong.

Carly Fiorina's controversy over HP printers sold in Iran, explained

This post-debate poll will horrify the GOP establishment

Fiorina, Bush and Paul don't trust Trump with a nuke, but they'd endorse him anyway

I asked the Fiorina campaign to back up her Planned Parenthood video claim. She couldn't.

Carly Fiorina is wrong about the Planned Parenthood tapes. I know because I watched them.

The second Republican presidential debate, explained

Donald Trump lost the Republican debate, and it wasn't even close.

Carly Fiorina won the GOP debate, but fact checkers will have a field day

Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, ‘my wife’: who Republican candidates would put on the $10

CNN's Republican debate was too hot — literally

Carly Fiorina's mic-drop response to Donald Trump's comment about her looks

This Carly Fiorina ad is the perfect comeback to Donald Trump's sexist insults

Donald Trump on Carly Fiorina: "Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?"

CNN just changed its GOP debate qualifying rules — and now Carly Fiorina might get in

Carly Fiorina did a 4-minute riff on climate change. Everything she said was wrong.

Carly Fiorina: What you need to know about the winner of the early Republican debate

It was brutal to be in the "kids' table" debate

The first GOP debaters were asked to describe Hillary Clinton in two words. They... didn't

Carly Fiorina was the clear winner of Fox News's first debate

Carly Fiorina is doing an excellent job trolling her online trolls

Carly Fiorina runs as an outsider who can fix big DC problems — but her ideas are small

Why presidential candidates should register all their domain names, Carly Fiorina edition