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California voters said no to taxing the rich to make EVs more affordable

California’s gas car ban will change how everyone drives

The simple, impactful way to make cars cleaner

How California plans to copy Texas abortion tactics for gun control

California is ending a rule that helped cause its housing crisis

Tech billionaires kick-start the recall fight over Gavin Newsom

Los Angeles’s quixotic quest to end homelessness

The effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, explained

Caitlyn Jenner is running to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom in likely recall election

Some Silicon Valley donors’ next political fight? Trying to oust California’s governor.

California will have its first Latino senator

Live results for California’s Proposition 22 on ride-hailing drivers

Live results for California’s data privacy ballot initiative

Affirmative action just lost in California — again

California’s recurring wildfire problem, explained

The Supreme Court lets California’s sanctuary law stand

The Bernie Sanders coalition turned out in California

California has been passing tough animal welfare laws. A court just handed the state a big victory.

Ford CTO Ken Washington explains why self-driving cars are such a hard tech problem

Recent East Coast hurricanes have gotten more media coverage than California wildfires

California is officially the first state that will try to require companies like Apple, Facebook and Alphabet to add more women to their boards

Many in Silicon Valley support Universal Basic Income. Now the California Democratic Party does, too.

Sam Altman will spend big on a new political movement to fix U.S. housing, health care and more

Trust study: Californians don’t like tech as much (they really don’t like tech as much)

Ford's Autonomous Cars Will Hit California Streets Next Year

California Law Now Requires Warrants for Most Electronic Surveillance

Amazon, Google Emerge Victorious in California Drone Bill Battle

California Drone Bill, Fought by Tech Groups, Moves to Governor's Desk

HP's Veghte Named CEO of SurveyMonkey

Whipclip Raises $40 Million in Bid to Dominate Legal Video Clipping

Jawbone Hires Google Commerce Head Sameer Samat as President

Google: No, Our Self-Driving Cars Aren't Getting Dinged Up That Much

Jawbone Completes $300 Million Funding From BlackRock

More Code Speakers: Target's Cornell, Google's Kordestani, CBS' Moonves

Please Google Mark Bergen, Our New Google Reporter

Back to the Future? Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Returns as CEO.

The 'Hey-I-Chit-Chatted-With-President-Obama' Photo Show (Because: Hey, I Chit-Chatted With the President)

Apps Search Pioneer Quixey Poised to Raise $60 Million From Alibaba, Twitter, SoftBank

Pinterest Operations Head Don Faul Departs in a "Personal Decision"

Nasty Gal Founder Hands Over CEO Role at Cutting-Edge Online Fashion Retailer