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There are lots of reasons to worry about Google. Congress just picked the wrong one.

The US government’s ongoing battle with Chinese telecom giant Huawei, explained

The absurd quest to make the “best” razor

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Trump’s car deal with China is great — for other countries

After Sears declared bankruptcy, employees are fighting for severance pay

Airbnb will start designing homes

J.Crew launched its newest brand 16 days ago. Now it’s closing.

Deutsche Bank’s German office raids (apparently) have nothing to do with Trump

Facebook agrees to civil rights audit update, apologizes for Soros opposition research

There are many reasons to be mad at Sheryl Sandberg. Asking about Soros’s Facebook interests isn’t one of them.

Trump tweets that tariffs are making the US “richer than ever before.” They’re not.

Trump’s beef with the Fed, explained

How and why do influencers make so much money? The head of an agency explains.

A budget airline passenger asked for water. He was given a cup of ice and told to wait.

Trump says he’ll cut GM’s subsidies. He can’t do it without Congress.

Now that the stock market is down, Trump wants to take credit for oil prices

Amazon warehouse workers in Europe spent Black Friday protesting

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

GM is closing plants and cutting jobs. Here’s what it means for workers — and for Trump.

General Motors is cutting 14,000 jobs and focusing on self-driving and electric vehicles

America’s monopoly problem, in one chart

Why disaster relief is so hard

Black Friday is longer, and tamer, than ever

The human costs of Black Friday, explained by a former Amazon warehouse manager

Kids’ toys are the latest battleground in the online privacy wars

Thousands of Toys R Us workers are getting severance, following months of protests

Shopping local won’t save small businesses from closing. Here’s what will.

Trump thanks Saudi Arabia for low oil prices after letting it off the hook for Khashoggi murder

Mark Zuckerberg is essentially untouchable at Facebook

The decline of David’s Bridal says a lot about millennial attitudes toward weddings

I work in urban planning. Now Amazon’s coming to my city.