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Government workers still don’t have a salary due to the shutdown. American businesses are helping them out.

Sears’s former CEO is preventing a liquidation. He was largely responsible for the company’s bankruptcy.

Treating regular people like influencers is the key to Glossier’s success

Outdoor brands are speaking up for national parks during the government shutdown. It’s a good business move.

California’s largest utility just declared bankruptcy. Hello, climate change.

Buying a new purse? This startup wants to help you pay for it — but could also get you into debt.

People over 65 are the most likely to share fake news on Facebook, study finds

Big banks offer to help federal workers on a “case-by-case basis”

A smart baby bed has stirred controversy for its $1,300 price tag. Now parents can rent it.

Facebook took down many CBD business pages. Now it says that was a mistake.

Trump says Democrats are to blame for the stock market’s troubles. They’re not.

Cartier lost a trademark battle over the word “love”

Hollywood’s record-busting 2018, explained

Why Trump’s top economic adviser is taking credit for Apple’s weak earnings

Why Trump taking credit for low gas prices is a bad idea

Credit card rewards could become harder to earn

Hemp is now legal. That’s huge for the CBD industry.

Greeting cards aren’t going anywhere

Calvin Klein, Raf Simons, and the tricky business of mass brands going high fashion

Amazon is cutting costs with its own delivery service — but its drivers don’t receive benefits

Facebook fell, J.Crew tanked, and Amazon took over the world: 2018 in brands

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

Facebook’s very bad year, explained

“Free trial” shopping scams are on the rise

Trump’s perhaps correct critique of the Federal Reserve, explained

Mark Zuckerberg is essentially untouchable at Facebook

What’s wrong with the stock market right now, explained

Reports to Senate criticize social media giants for providing incomplete data in Russia probe

Muslim Amazon workers say they don’t have enough time to pray. Now they’re fighting for their rights.

Companies who donated to Republicans made sure the tax cuts looked helpful for workers

Kids’ toys are the latest battleground in the online privacy wars

Uber and Lyft are racing each other to go public. Here’s why.

New York already has thousands of Amazon workers — and some are unionizing to demand better conditions

There are lots of reasons to worry about Google. Congress just picked the wrong one.

The US government’s ongoing battle with Chinese telecom giant Huawei, explained

The absurd quest to make the “best” razor

The $3.5 billion shaving industry is secretive and litigious — and disrupting itself silly.

Cannabis is now getting the Instagram museum treatment

How Melissa & Doug captured the toy market, one wooden block at a time

MoviePass announces yet another new pricing structure

The US got Canada to arrest a top Chinese tech executive