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Looking for book recommendations? What to read, what not to read, and the latest news in the world of books.

A syllabus for a new world

Close reading the fleshy, obsessive internet of No One Is Talking About This

Remembering Joan Didion’s reserved, masterful style

In Fake Accounts, we lie and lie and lie all over the internet 

One Good Thing: Get lost in the gorgeous fantasy of the Daevabad trilogy, based on Islamic legends 

Station Eleven made me want to live in the post-apocalypse

Looking back at the ’90s has meant reexamining the decade’s toxic diet culture

The books that made us think and act differently this year

Spend the winter reading novels of our online brains

The remote work revolution hasn’t happened yet

The smart political argument behind the satire Such a Fun Age

A guide to the must-read 2021 National Book Award winners and finalists

Prestige book season has arrived. Here are 11 titles not to miss.

This stream has:

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One Good Thing: The 1970s children’s book that envisions an America overrun by trash

The paradox of American freedom

Spend November reading Such a Fun Age, a witty and biting social satire

One Good Thing: A book that treats The Real Housewives as an academic text

Why Dune endures

The author whose story inspired Netflix’s Maid on why welfare is broken

In Lauren Groff’s Matrix, medieval nuns build a feminist utopia

The problem with America’s semi-rich

Why the best aliens are just a little bit human

A brief history of the internet hating Jonathan Franzen

The great book shortage of 2021, explained

Jonathan Franzen’s Crossroads is an opus on humiliation. It’s very good.

The Vox Book Club is spending October reading and talking to Lauren Groff

The meditative empathy of Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi

RSVP now for our live Q&A with Susanna Clarke

In Sally Rooney’s new novel, a celebrity author fights her own brand

This September, the Vox Book Club returns with Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi

Still Mad is a sweeping, thrilling survey of the writers who built second-wave feminism

Mrs. March is a Hitchcock-meets-Highsmith novel about a woman behaving badly

The new Pursuit of Love TV show means it’s time to remember the Mitfords

The magic, sex, and violence of the 14th-century poem behind The Green Knight

One Good Thing: A true crime book about the problems with true crime books

Ask a book critic: What’s a good summer read with a Wonder Years feel?

Why the original Zola Twitter thread worked so well

It’s incredibly hard to get a rape conviction. Bill Cosby’s release makes it feel pointless.

A sci-fi writer got meta about gender. The internet responded by ruining her life.

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