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Looking for book recommendations? What to read, what not to read, and the latest news in the world of books.

The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes might be the best Hunger Games movie yet

All of this year’s National Book Award finalists, reviewed by Vox

Professional raconteur Fran Lebowitz thinks art should be useless

The big Elon Musk biography asks all the wrong questions

How cars ruin wild animals’ lives

The book of the year so far is Lauren Groff’s The Vaster Wilds

Zadie Smith on the problem of the good white woman

Dealing With Dragons is the kind of book a kid builds their personality around

How does Elon Musk get away with it all?

Publishing scammers are using AI to scale their grifts

A reading guide for grownups who don’t read

Colson Whitehead on the heists, fire, and movie magic of his new novel Crook Manifesto

2023’s best books (so far)

How Frog and Toad became queer anti-capitalist cottagecore icons

When you can’t separate art from artist

In Lorrie Moore’s new book, a man and his dead ex-girlfriend go on a road trip

What a new conservative call for “regime change” in America reveals about the culture war

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The Shakespearean resonance at the heart of the Succession finale

The latest book ban target: Amanda Gorman’s poem from the Biden inauguration

In Brandon Taylor’s The Late Americans, art students scramble for money and sex

The Republican plan to take over school boards may be backfiring

The return of the porn wars

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret is about far more than periods

Kelly Link secures her crown as queen of the literary fairy tale

Native American histories show rebuilding is possible — and necessary — after catastrophe

How BookTok makes money

Time doesn’t have to be money

The biting, witty melancholy of Nora Ephron’s Heartburn

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The surprising lesson from a century of Oscar scandals

Ordinary Black lives should be remembered, too 

What the hard-won HarperCollins union contract means for the future of books

The State of the Union address's history, explained

How Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin rewrote the book’s ending for a big twist

Vintage Contemporaries is a warm-hearted novel that walks in the footsteps of Laurie Colwin

Biden worries the Secret Service may be loyal to Trump, according to a new book

Prince Harry’s Spare is a sad and self-indicting portrait of royalty on the brink

Hulu’s Kindred solves the Handmaid’s Tale problem

Vox’s 16 best books of 2022

Why is Hulu’s Fleishman Is in Trouble so boring?

How a Holocaust memoir became a self-help Instagram hit