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Looking for book recommendations? What to read, what not to read, and the latest news in the world of books.

The meditative empathy of Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi

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In Sally Rooney’s new novel, a celebrity author fights her own brand

This September, the Vox Book Club returns with Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi

Still Mad is a sweeping, thrilling survey of the writers who built second-wave feminism

Mrs. March is a Hitchcock-meets-Highsmith novel about a woman behaving badly

The new Pursuit of Love TV show means it’s time to remember the Mitfords

The magic, sex, and violence of the 14th-century poem behind The Green Knight

One Good Thing: A true crime book about the problems with true crime books

Ask a book critic: What’s a good summer read with a Wonder Years feel?

Why the original Zola Twitter thread worked so well

It’s incredibly hard to get a rape conviction. Bill Cosby’s release makes it feel pointless.

A sci-fi writer got meta about gender. The internet responded by ruining her life.

Vox Quick Hits: A daily culture and consumerism podcast

One Good Thing: These dark detective novels are really about ethics and hope

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s cancel culture screed is a dangerous distraction

Leave the World Behind’s bougie apocalypse

The Other Black Girl is a pulpy, joyous thrill ride of a book

Japanese Breakfast isn’t the artist she used to be

The unstoppable, villainous glamour of Cruella de Vil

Gold Diggers author Sanjena Sathian on why she reads Philip Roth as a minority writer

Spend June with the delicious vacation read Leave the World Behind

Stacey Abrams breaks down the politics of her Supreme Court thriller

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Who deserves a book deal?

As former Trump officials and other polarizing figures seek book deals, publishing is caught in a generational battle that’s becoming an existential crisis.

How Gold Diggers finds the horror in petty high school betrayal

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Novelist Akwaeke Emezi talks writing a nonbinary novel

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Rachel Cusk’s lovely, vicious Second Place seethes with the desires of a woman on the verge

The Vox Book Club May pick features heists, alchemy, and the Indian American diaspora

The rape allegations against Philip Roth’s biographer are a damning condemnation of publishing

How The Death of Vivek Oji inverts the murder mystery

Sanjena Sathian’s Gold Diggers is a playful social satire with teeth

Helen Oyeyemi’s unsettling new novel Peaces starts weird and gets weirder

The Power author Naomi Alderman talks patriarchy and revenge with the Vox Book Club

We give geniuses license to be jerks. Mike Nichols tried not to be anyhow.

Ask a book critic: The history of the end of the world

This April, the Vox Book Club is reading The Death of Vivek Oji

Celebrating Ramona Quimby’s enduring appeal, in honor of Beverly Cleary

The generational grief of colonization