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Big Tech

Vox's coverage of the big players in tech and their monopoly on the industry.

Layoffs are bad for business

This stream has:

The swift collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, explained

Section 230, the internet law the Supreme Court could change, explained

The Supreme Court hears two cases that could ruin the internet

This stream has:

Silicon Valley’s vibe shift

Think AI was impressive last year? Wait until you see what’s coming.

Lots of bad science still gets published. Here’s how we can change that.

Amazon workers in upstate New York are fighting for a crucial second union win

A new Supreme Court case could fundamentally change the internet

Two Republican judges just let Texas seize control of Twitter and Facebook

Why is Meta’s new AI chatbot so bad?

The inside story at Meta as it moves beyond Facebook

Two GOP judges just stripped social media companies of basic First Amendment rights

The abortion provider that Republicans are struggling to stop

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The Amazonification of the American workforce

The e-commerce giant’s labor issues expose the complicated truth about getting what we want when we want it.

The battle for the future of “gig” work

Ride-sharing companies are pushing to make a third category of "independent" worker the law of the land. Drivers say the notion of independence is little more than a mirage.

The First Amendment has a Facebook problem

How America’s one-click obsession is warping the future of work

An unholy union

How technology literally changes our brains

Could contact tracing bring the US out of lockdown?

Report: Amazon is using “thermal cameras” to monitor warehouse employees for fevers

Thailand’s playboy king isn’t playing around

It’s not just passengers being assaulted in Ubers. Drivers are at risk, too.

Sorry for Your Loss is a must-see TV show. You can only watch it on Facebook.

How to erase your personal information from the internet (it’s not impossible)

More than 2 million people have RSVP’d to “storm Area 51,” in the name of memes

Netflix’s The Great Hack explores how Cambridge Analytica sold your data during the 2016 election

Microsoft wants to build artificial general intelligence: an AI better than humans at everything

How Amazon turned its darkest time into runaway riches

Social media is rotting democracy from within

Facebook’s very bad year, explained

Mark Zuckerberg is essentially untouchable at Facebook

YouTube, Facebook, and Apple’s ban on Alex Jones, explained

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The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, explained with a simple diagram

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Lawmakers seem confused about what Facebook does — and how to fix it

How we’re becoming slaves to technology, explained by an MIT sociologist

Technology isn’t just changing society — it’s changing what it means to be human

A Facebook billionaire is handing tons of cash to poor people in East Africa

Here's why you just got unfriended on Facebook