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Big Data

Google’s new AI chatbot seems boring. Maybe that’s the point.

Cambridge Analytica made “ethical mistakes” because it was too focused on regulation, former COO says

A former Amazon employee hacked the credit card data of 100 million Americans

In 10 years, every “relevant” company will be a tech company, Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake says

Google and Facebook have become “antithetical to democracy,” says The Age of Surveillance Capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff

It may be ‘data journalism,’ but Julia Angwin’s new site the Markup is nothing like FiveThirtyEight

Big data could ‘stop famines from ever happening again,’ says World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

If they don’t want to lose their jobs to a machine, doctors will need to become compassionate ‘human connectors’

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica apology tour continues, with full-page ads in major newspapers

Google, Amazon and Microsoft cloud businesses helped more than double spending on data centers last year

Artificial intelligence is forcing us to work harder to define human intelligence  — and to fight to defend it

2017 is already the biggest year ever for data center investment in the U.S.

Even with all our gadgets, Americans are using less electricity than 10 years ago

Watch this university lecture on calling bullshit

We all thought having more data was better. We were wrong.

Eric Schmidt: ‘Big data is so powerful, nation states will fight’ over it

These University of Washington professors are teaching a course on bullshit

Data science is creating a tidal wave of opportunity for women to get into executive leadership

Full transcript: Foursquare’s CEO Jeff Glueck and co-founder Dennis Crowley on Recode Decode

The police will get better if we use data to treat them ‘as a human, not a robot’

Techies should take a ‘tour of duty’ in government, says White House’s DJ Patil

Tesla explains how its entire fleet is learning to be better self-driving cars together

Intel is paying more than $400 million to buy deep-learning startup Nervana Systems

Internet of Things strategies are going from general to specialized and vertical

Hollywood’s love affair with Big Data (before anyone knew what to call it)

Ford and Microsoft lead $253 million investment in EMC-owned Pivotal

The Data Diet

Meet Zoe, a New Smart Home Hub That Lets You Control Your Data

T-Mobile Tweaks Its 'Binge On' Video Data Plan, and YouTube Signs On

Can You Put a Face to Big Data?

What America Eats on Valentine’s Day

Did Airbnb Purge Potentially Illegal NYC Listings Ahead of Its Own Data Dump?

EU Antitrust Chief Suggests Big Data Could Be Next Target in Crosshairs

Former Tinder CEO Payne Moves to DoorDash as COO

Top Food Trends of 2015, According to the Internet

Beyond the Pill: Data Is the New Drug

Verizon to Start Testing 'Toll-Free' Data in Coming Days

Forget China -- Google Has to Fight Off Alibaba on Mobile in India

Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan Steps Down (We Have the Memo)

Sprint Launches Another 'Half Off' Deal, This Time Including T-Mobile

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