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Biden administration

Reporting on the administration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.

The affordable housing shortage is hurting Afghan refugees

Pandemic unemployment insurance is ending at maybe the worst possible time

The long road to resettling Afghans in the US

The economic case for letting in as many refugees as possible

The Pentagon is calling on US airlines to help with Afghanistan evacuations

Biden’s immigration policy is hampering Haiti’s recovery from back-to-back crises

Biden had a chance to save allies in Afghanistan. He wasted it.

The rapid fall of Afghanistan to Taliban forces, explained

How are the Taliban gaining so fast in Afghanistan?

Time is running out to save Afghans who helped US troops

Biden’s immigration policy isn’t Trump’s — but it’s still a disappointment

These immigrants have one shot to come to the US. But Biden has to act.

Biden is turning back Haitian migrants at sea, echoing a shameful chapter in US history

Democrats are going it alone on immigration reform

America’s houses are old. Low-income renters are suffering because of it.

Biden stacks his administration with yet another tech foe

The US is bracing for a potential Haitian migrant crisis. Biden needs to step up.

Biden’s Cuba policy is suddenly in the spotlight

Few immigrants in detention have been vaccinated. That needs to change.

What the assassination of Haiti’s president means for US foreign policy

Biden’s plan to make stuff cheaper

The Texas GOP’s border wall fantasy

What a Reagan-era law can teach Democrats about legalizing undocumented immigrants

US investment alone won’t solve Central America’s migrant crisis

How Northern Ireland is complicating Biden’s European agenda

Biden administration to Congress: Build more apartments and houses!

Biden’s plan to increase legal immigration could aid the pandemic economy recovery

The Keystone XL pipeline is dead. But the fight against similar projects is far from over.

TikTok’s Trump problem is now TikTok’s Biden problem

New York gave every detained immigrant a lawyer. It could serve as a national model.

The US is telling migrants “don’t come.” They might not be listening.

Biden wants to raise corporate taxes. He might need the world’s help. 

Progressive groups are “fed up” with Biden’s infrastructure playbook

The fastest way to get more people to buy electric vehicles

The false promises of more immigration enforcement

There’s a ticking climate time bomb in West Texas

The bipartisan consensus on broadband is a mirage 

America’s asylum system is broken. Here’s how Biden could fix it.

Democrats in Congress aren’t giving up on a public option

Biden’s negotiations with Republicans are making some Democrats anxious