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Welcome to the Friendship Issue of the Highlight

Inside this issue: The state of American friendship, its radical power, and advice for small talk and making your social battery work for you, even if you’re an introvert.

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The power of listening, explained (to kids)

President Biden has rebound Covid. How risky is that?

Plant-based diets, explained (to kids)

How the ADA came to be

Welcome to the July issue of The Highlight

In this issue: How one Florida road became the deadliest in the nation for pedestrians; behind the scenes of a Black rodeo; the rise of the new suburbs; and more.

The case of the missing fireflies

The Aftermath

Welcome to the May issue of The Highlight

In this issue: The anti-abortion movement’s post-Roe future, the plant peddlers of Appalachia, the real effect of the child tax credit now that it’s gone, and more.