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Tony Romm is the senior editor for policy and politics at Recode, where he covers the intersection of Washington and Silicon Valley. He's chronicled the ways in which tech companies collide with government — and the regulations that often result — since 2010, when he helped launch technology policy coverage for Politico as well as its Beltway newsletter, Morning Tech. He later served as Politico's senior technology reporter.

A graduate of American University in Washington D.C., Tony is based in New York City. He originally comes from the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Ethics Statement

Here is a statement of my ethics and coverage policies. It is more than most of you want to know, but, in the age of suspicion of the media, I am laying it all out.

I do not own or trade individual stocks, but I do invest in Vox Media’s 401k plan, managed by Fidelity.

As part of my work, I extensively cover political candidates, campaigns and causes. But I do not contribute to any of these individuals or organizations, and my Recode coverage is never an endorsement of their views.

I occasionally speak at conferences or moderate panel discussions. But I don’t accept paid speaking engagements from these organizations, or any of the companies I cover, nor do I accept any products or gifts from them. I also don't serve as a consultant to any companies or political organizations, either.

Recode is owned wholly by Vox Media, a company with an audience of 170 million worldwide. It has eight distinct media brands: The Verge (Technology and Culture), (News), SB Nation (Sports), Polygon (Gaming), Eater (Food and Nightlife), Racked (Shopping, Beauty and Fashion), Curbed (Real Estate and Home), as well as Recode (Tech Business).

Vox Media has a number of investors, including, but not limited to, Comcast Ventures and NBCUniversal, both of which are owned by Comcast Corporation.

My posts have total editorial independence from these investors, even when they touch on products and services these companies produce, compete with, or invest in. The same goes for all content on Recode and at our conferences. No one in this group has influence on or access to the posts we publish. We will also add a direct link to this disclosure when we write directly about the companies.