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Sara Morrison is a senior Vox reporter who covers data privacy, antitrust, and Big Tech’s power over us all. That includes an occasional jaunt into TikTok and the ban that may or may not happen, the ins and outs of tech policy, the scourge of robocalls, and the perils of having the original Gmail address of what is apparently a very common name. Sara began at Vox in November 2019. Before that, she wrote about technology’s impact on the world for Vocativ. She covered the city of Boston for and was a media reporter at Columbia Journalism Review and The Wrap. Her work has also appeared in the Atlantic, Jezebel, the Guardian, and Nieman Reports, among others. A long, long time ago, she wrote television recaps, which she’s not above doing again. Sara was a Mirror Award finalist for digital commentary at Columbia Journalism Review (didn’t win but it was an honor just to be nominated), and her article about covering the transgender community was part of a Nieman Reports series that won a Folio: Eddie award.

Sara can be reached at or
She's @SaraMorrison on Twitter and Mastodon but had to settle for morrisonsara on LinkedIn.