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Rachel Sugar is a reporter covering food and drink for The Goods by Vox. She's written for Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, New York magazine, and Taste, among others. She is passionate about muffins.

The politics of “dude food”

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Are we doomed? An investigation

At the conclusion of a dystopian year, we look to historians, preppers, and even the heavens in search of answers: What exactly was 2020, and what happens now?

Canned cranberry sauce, explained

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What was fun?

As we adjust to the "new normal," something’s missing.

The vicious cycle of never-ending laundry

How wearing masks will change us

The scramble to feed the kids left hungry by the coronavirus crisis

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Your coronavirus grocery questions, answered by experts

Why is it so hard to stop touching your face?

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The siren song of Starbucks

As the coffee giant approaches its 50th birthday and 32,000th store, what exactly does Starbucks even mean anymore?