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Rachel Cohen is a senior policy reporter who focuses on US social policy. Based in Washington, DC, she keeps a close eye on the politics influencing policy development and the leaders, activists, and researchers spearheading those ideas.

She writes stories about housing, like the rise of tent encampments, evictions, and the nation’s housing supply shortage. She reports on education and child care, like the dearth of after-school programs, the pandemic’s academic toll, and school funding litigation. She has reported extensively on abortion politics in the post-Roe era and covers economic policies like the expiration of the expanded child tax credit and the consequences of rising interest rates for workers.

Rachel has been covering social policy issues in DC for more than a decade, with reporting published in more than two dozen national outlets including the New York Times, the Atlantic, Bloomberg, the Daily Beast, and the Washington Post.

She welcomes your ideas and questions. You can email her at, find her on Twitter at @rmc031, or message her on Signal at 1-202-681-6194.