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Pranav Dixit is a tech reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area who covers how tech shapes life around the world. He came to the US from India to be a Nieman Fellow at Harvard in 2021 and then became an accidental expat. Before his move, he spent more than five years as an India-based tech correspondent for BuzzFeed News, writing about the impact of Silicon Valley’s largest companies on the culture, society, democracy, and politics of more than a billion people in the region. Pranav’s coverage has largely focused on the human consequences of Big Tech’s growth-at-any-cost approach in emerging markets, and has been cited in dozens of publications. In 2019, he won a Mirror Award for a feature about how rumors and hoaxes that spread through WhatsApp destroyed an Indian village, which he discussed in an episode of Vox’s Land of the Giants podcast.

Pranav loves email, so please send him some at You can also follow him on Twitter @PranavDixit. He will never call it X.