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As Vox’s policy editor, Libby Nelson leads the site’s coverage of how government action and inaction shape American life. She works with a team of reporters who cover health care, the economy, social policy, education, climate, and the intersection of race and policy, among other topics.

Libby has more than a decade of policy journalism experience, beginning with a 2009 internship at the Chronicle of Higher Education, where she was introduced to the federal higher ed policy beat. She spent a year early in her career as a local reporter in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but found herself unable to resist the siren call of negotiated rule-making sessions and education subcommittee hearings. She returned to Washington, DC in 2011 to cover higher education policy for Inside Higher Ed, then Politico, then — beginning three weeks before the site launched in 2014 — Vox. She became an editor on the policy and politics desk in 2017.

Libby is an adjunct instructor at American University’s School of Public Affairs and School of International Service, where she teaches policy and opinion writing for a general audience. She lives in Washington, DC.