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Fabiola Cineas is a reporter at, where she covers race and policy. Her stories explore systemic injustice in America, like the coronavirus’ disproportionate impact on marginalized communities, the persistence of school segregation, the gutting of voting rights, and widening of wealth and income gaps.

She has hosted the Vox Conversations podcast and is also a host and producer for Vox Media Studios. As a host of the Emmy-nominated YouTube original series Glad You Asked, Fabiola explained contemporary issues to Vox's YouTube audience of 10.6 million viewers. Before joining Vox, she was an editor and writer at Philadelphia magazine, where she covered business, tech, and the local economy. She kicked off her career in journalism as an education reporter for the Philadelphia Public School Notebook and Chalkbeat. Fabiola began her career teaching English and writing for middle schoolers at a charter school in Camden, New Jersey.