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Byrd Pinkerton is a senior producer and reporter on Unexplainable, Vox's science podcast, which she co-created. She covers everything scientists don’t yet know but are trying to figure out, so her work explores everything from the inner workings of the human body to the distant edges of the universe. She's especially drawn to stories about the ocean, bugs, human health, the history of science, and how our scientific metaphors shape our understanding of the world.

Before Unexplainable, Byrd produced all three seasons of Vox's The Impact podcast and three seasons of Vox's Future Perfect podcast, working with journalists to cover health care, education, philanthropy, and other policy issues.

If you have a great history of science book you think Byrd should read or a fact about the ocean you think she'd enjoy, you can email her at, or reach out on Twitter (@byrdala) or Threads (@byrdest).