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Brian Resnick is Vox’s science and health editor, and is the co-creator of Unexplainable, an award-winning Vox podcast about unanswered questions in science. He serves as the show's co-editor, shaping the editorial direction of the series, and presents stories on topics ranging from dark matter to the mysteries of love.

Previously, Brian was a senior reporter at Vox, covering social and behavioral sciences, space, medicine, the environment, and anything that makes you think "whoa that's cool." In his reporting, Brian has wondered about the astrobiological implications of human excrement left on the moon, about structural problems in scientific institutions, and if what we perceive with our own eyes is "real." During the early pandemic, he provided extensive clarifying coverage, setting reader expectations for the years to come.

Before Vox, he was a staff correspondent at National Journal where he wrote two cover stories for the (now defunct) weekly print magazine and reported on breaking news and politics.