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April Glaser covers robots, drones, artificial intelligence and other smart machines for Recode.

Prior to joining Recode, she held a journalism fellowship at WIRED magazine, where she produced podcasts and reported on the cultural, legal and business aspects of autonomous technologies. Her writing has also appeared in Slate, Gizmodo and Backchannel.

Before becoming a journalist, April worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the 2014 network neutrality campaign and the organization’s grassroots outreach, as well as other nonprofits focusing on technology policy.

She has a degree in philosophy from Temple University.

Ethics Statement

Here is a statement of my ethics and coverage policies. It is more than most of you want to know, but, in the age of suspicion of the media, I am laying it all out.

I have invested in a 401k, which is managed by a blind trust. Occasionally, I accept invitations for speaking engagements, but it is rare that I am paid for them beyond travel expenses, and they will not take place at any company I cover. I do not consult for any companies or industry groups, nor do I accept gifts or products of value from companies I cover.

I have a background working on technology policy issues, including for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, including the network neutrality debates, digital privacy, media consolidation and low-power FM. I have volunteered on numerous broadband access initiatives over the years and am a founding member of a community radio station in Nashville, Tenn. While I am no longer affiliated with any technology policy campaigns, I will disclose any potential conflicts immediately and post a direct link to this disclosure.

Recode is owned wholly by Vox Media, a company with an audience of 170 million worldwide. It has eight distinct media brands: The Verge (Technology and Culture), (News), SB Nation (Sports), Polygon (Gaming), Eater (Food and Nightlife), Racked (Shopping, Beauty and Fashion), Curbed (Real Estate and Home), as well as Recode (Tech Business).

Vox Media has a number of investors, including but not limited to Comcast Ventures and NBCUniversal, both of which are owned by Comcast Corporation.

My posts have total editorial independence from these investors, even when they touch on products and services these companies produce, compete with or invest in. The same goes for all content on Recode and at our conferences. No one in this group has influence on or access to the posts we publish. We will add a link to this disclosure when we write directly about these companies.