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I cover labor issues, with a focus on workers' rights.

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Fewer inspectors, more deaths: The Trump administration rolls back workplace safety inspections

About 90 percent of serious accidents happen at workplaces that haven’t been inspected by OSHA.

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A small federal agency focused on preventing industrial disasters is on life support. Trump wants it gone.

Meet the women suing America’s biggest companies over equal pay

A spate of lawsuits against giants from Google and Twitter to Nike and Goldman Sachs reveals the growing frustrations of women in pursuit of the C-suite.

It took a debate with all-female moderators to ask Democrats about paid family leave

Disturbing video shows an Arizona sheriff’s deputy body slam a quadruple amputee

A libertarian group is suing California for allegedly discriminating against men

How the teachers strikes gave Democrats a win in deep red Kentucky

The firing of McDonald’s CEO won’t solve the chain’s sexual harassment problem

The 11-day teachers strike in Chicago paid off

What the mass resignations at Deadspin tell us about work in America