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Why 5G is causing flight cancellations

How your mobile carrier makes money off some of your most sensitive data

AT&T is cutting jobs, but Trump is focused on its management of CNN instead

Disney+ will not be a “Netflix killer” because at this point, nothing can kill Netflix

AT&T’s speed test results aren’t as fast as they seem

CNN’s Brian Stelter says it’s “vital” for regular people to hold newsrooms accountable

Everyone who used to run Time Warner is out the door less than a year after AT&T paid $85 billion for the media giant

In HBO’s Theranos documentary “The Inventor,” director Alex Gibney says Elizabeth Holmes was fooled by her own lies

The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer says Congress should investigate if Trump ordered the DOJ’s AT&T-Time Warner lawsuit

Trump reportedly tried to order a lawsuit to block the AT&T/Time Warner merger

AT&T’s WarnerMedia shake-up tells you how it views the future of media

The AT&T-TimeWarner deal has been blessed by the courts — again

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The man who co-founded Bleacher Report is leaving the sports site

How long before big media companies become big sports-gambling companies?

The story behind Netflix’s $100 million ‘Friends’ deal

The streaming battles are getting even busier with WarnerMedia’s challenge to Netflix

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General Magic tried to invent a smartphone in the 1990s. This is why it failed.

Here’s what HBO’s new boss really said about the company’s plans under AT&T

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Maybe there won’t be a media merger frenzy after all

AT&T is getting ready to acquire all of Otter Media, the streaming video company it co-owns with Peter Chernin

AT&T can buy Time Warner. What does that mean for everyone else?

AT&T can buy Time Warner, and everyone else can buy everything else

The media landscape is in for a seismic change, no matter what happens to AT&T and Time Warner

Full video and transcript: AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson at Code 2018

Here’s why AT&T decided to buy Time Warner, according to CEO Randall Stephenson

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A merged T-Mobile and Sprint will still be smaller than AT&T or Verizon

Why is AT&T trying to buy Time Warner?

Here’s what you need to know about the U.S. lawsuit against the AT&T-Time Warner merger

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is coming to Code Conference

‘The government is clueless,’ Turner CEO John Martin says of the DOJ’s attempt to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger

AT&T says it supports net neutrality — but it’s staying quiet on whether it could charge more for faster access

The U.S. suit against AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner likely won’t end until after May

AT&T hinted at First Amendment issues in saying it’s not willing to sell CNN to acquire Time Warner

Politicizing the Department of Justice will hurt all U.S. businesses — not just AT&T and Time Warner

AT&T pledged that CNN and TBS channels won’t go dark on any pay TV services if it’s allowed to buy Time Warner

The Department of Justice is using AT&T’s own argument for buying Time Warner to try to stop the deal