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Apple's latest product releases and announcements, from the newest iPhone to iOS updates.

Apple shut down a voting app in Russia. That should worry everyone.

Epic’s win over Apple is actually an Apple victory

The new digital driver’s licenses from Apple sound slightly creepy

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The chip shortage is getting worse

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How big business exploits small business

Without Rose Byrne, the ’80s aerobics drama Physical would be unwatchable

How Apple helped Trump’s DOJ seize lawmakers’ data without realizing it

What we learned from the unusual final day of the Apple-Epic trial

How angry Apple employees’ petition led to a controversial new hire’s departure

Apple has an antitrust problem. Here’s one way to solve it.

Apple, Fortnite, and the Apple App Store: What’s at stake in the antitrust court case

Apple’s antitrust problems in Europe just went from bad to worse

Here’s the nuclear option to opt out of tracking on iOS

Why the new iOS update is such a big deal

Why Apple’s latest gadget is catching the attention of antitrust regulators

Apple will let podcasters sell subscriptions and keep a cut for itself

Tim Cook hints that Apple is making its own autonomous car

Why some like Apple’s new privacy labels, despite their flaws

App trackers secretly sell your location data to the government. App stores won’t stop them.

Big Tech is so big it doesn’t need its founders anymore

Why Facebook and Apple are fighting over your privacy

As Covid-19 surges, the world’s biggest tech companies report staggering profits

How your browser can make your online life a little more private

The Big Tech antitrust report has one big conclusion: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are anti-competitive

Americans are one step closer to a national contact tracing app for Covid-19

Apple won’t take a cut — for now — when Facebook sells online classes

Apple fires back at Epic Games in the latest legal wrangling over Fortnite

Apple, under pressure from advertisers and developers, will wait 6 months to enforce new privacy rules

The new Apple-Google contact tracing tool finally seems useful

The company behind Fortnite dared Apple to shutter its game on iPhones. Now Apple has gone ahead and sort of done that.

Perhaps months too late, a Covid-19 contact tracing app comes to America

Last week the US wanted to break up Big Tech. Now it’s trying to supersize it.

The winners and losers from the Big Tech antitrust hearing

Republicans showed why Congress won’t regulate the internet

The Big Tech hearings won’t lead to real change. That’s okay.

Extraordinary Twitter hack compromises some of the world’s most prominent accounts

The hidden trackers in your phone, explained