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That “free” iPhone 15 could cost a fortune

Has Apple Pay made it too easy to spend money?

Apple has an AirPod repair problem

Hey, remember those Apple wonder goggles?

Don’t upgrade your iPhone until you have to

Who wants to pay $3,500 for Apple’s new goggles?

Is Apple’s weird headset the future?

The problem with Apple’s big banking push

Why all your friends are sending you voice notes

This stream has:

Silicon Valley’s vibe shift

Big Tech’s Big Flops of 2022

Why you saw more ads on your iPhone in 2022

Don’t assume your iPhone is safe from hackers

What you need to know about the House’s opening bid to rein in Big Tech

Apple’s iOS 15 will come with better privacy for people who pay for it

Why streaming devices and streaming networks are fighting over your eyeballs 

Big Tech told Congress it has plenty of competitors. It’s crushing them all.

Google’s privacy changes are mostly marketing

Apple is under scrutiny for squashing competitors on the App Store — again

David Haskell has one of the hardest jobs in media: replacing a beloved magazine editor

AMC Networks boss Josh Sapan wants the people who make TV to look at the data — but not too much

Apple has sold lots of music subscriptions — so it thinks it will sell lots of other stuff, too

Apple’s new credit card means the tech giant is now battling the same banks that built Apple Pay

We still don’t know what’s in Apple’s streaming video service, how much it will cost or why we should pay for it

Apple’s plan for its new TV service: Sell other people’s TV services

CNN’s Brian Stelter says it’s “vital” for regular people to hold newsrooms accountable

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says the obvious: He won’t be working with Apple when it launches its new video plans

Can the media business be saved? A “Spotify for news” is not the answer, says News Media Alliance CEO David Chavern.

The logic behind Apple’s give-us-half-your-revenue pitch to news publishers

Facebook is in trouble for secretly breaking Apple’s rules. But what it’s doing out in the open is way worse.

BuzzFeed layoffs show that “winter is here for digital news,” says former NYT editor Jill Abramson

Apple is punishing Facebook big-time for breaking its rules

Apple says it’s banning Facebook’s research app that collects users’ personal information

Apple is getting closer and closer to spelling out its TV strategy

Apple doesn’t want to talk about iPhone sales anymore

New charges against China’s tech giant Huawei could backfire on the US

Google, Amazon, and Facebook all spent record amounts last year lobbying the US government

“Venture capital money kills more businesses than it helps,” says Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

Full Q&A: NYU’s Jonathan Haidt explains the problem with Gen Z

Apple’s growing attraction to non-iPhone revenue in one chart

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