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Animal Welfare

Vox's home for coverage of animal rights and welfare.

The bizarre new frontier for cell-cultivated meat: Lion burgers, tiger steaks, and mammoth meatballs

How cars ruin wild animals’ lives

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What if AI treats humans the way we treat animals?

Americans can’t afford their pets. It’s pushing animal shelters to the brink.

A new investigation exposes the stomach-churning practice that goes into making your bacon

Undercover audio of a Tyson employee reveals “free-range” chicken is meaningless

America’s most popular dog wasn’t bred for this heat

What can caged lab monkeys tell us about free human beings?

No-kill chicken tastes like chicken. Because it is.

What’s worse than a cruel animal experiment? A cruel and fake animal experiment.

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You’re going on vacation. What should you do with your pet?

Cell-cultivated chicken was just approved for sale in the US. But it won’t be on grocery shelves anytime soon.

If you can’t breathe well, neither can your pet

The sustainability risks of Impossible and Beyond Burgers

The Aubrey Plaza ad for Big Dairy that may have violated federal law, explained

One of the world’s most controversial philosophers explains himself

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop 12 is a win against factory farming. But the pigs’ lives will still suck.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is somehow the best animal rights movie of the year

At the Kentucky Derby, horses are worked to death for human vanity

Bringing back woolly mammoths and dodos is a bad idea

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