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An Evening with Code Media

Politico co-founder’s new media startup is eyeing $10,000 subscriptions — eventually

What happened to WikiLeaks? BuzzFeed UK Editor Janine Gibson has a theory.

Everything has changed. Time to talk about it, at An Evening With Code Media.

Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei is coming to Code Media in New York

Podcast: The New York Times' Dean Baquet, Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer and AMC Networks Boss Josh Sapan

Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer: An Evening With Code Media (Full Video)

New York Times Editor Dean Baquet: An Evening With Code/Media (Full Video)

AMC CEO Josh Sapan: An Evening With Code/Media (Full Video)

New York Times' Baquet on Tech Strategy: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

New York Times Editor Baquet Says Masthead Should Consider the Paper's Business (Video)

Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer Explains the Power of Facebook's 'Dials' (Video)

New York Times Editor Dean Baquet Says It's His Job to Publish More 'Amazon' Stories (Video)

AMC's Josh Sapan Is a Little Excited -- And a Little Terrified -- By the New Apple TV (Video)

New York Times Top Editor Dean Baquet Joins Code/Media in New York

Code/Media Comes Back to New York, Featuring AMC's Josh Sapan and Thrillist's Ben Lerer