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Vox’s coverage of tech giant Amazon: news, analysis, exclusives, and more.

9 questions about the government’s effort to break up Amazon

The government’s case to break up Amazon, explained

Your AI personal assistant is almost here — assuming you actually want it

We all just fell for Amazon’s made-up holiday yet again

Amazon, Walmart, and the price we pay for low prices

The government is suing Amazon over how hard it is to cancel Prime

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Silicon Valley’s vibe shift

Your favorite tech giant wants you to know it’s a startup again

Inside the battle for the future of Amazon

Big Tech’s Big Flops of 2022

Amazon’s antitrust settlement in Europe sure looks like a win for Amazon

Layoffs, buyouts, and rescinded offers: Amazon’s status as a top tech employer is taking a hit

A leaked Amazon memo may help explain why the tech giant is pushing out so many recruiters

Amazon employees will be in layoff limbo into 2023

Basically everything on Amazon has become an ad

Elizabeth Warren wants to keep Big Tech from taking over your car

The Big Tech boom is over and Wall Street knows it

Why Amazon’s stock price is tanking — and why that should worry you

The Amazon Labor Union suffers another loss but vows to keep fighting

Amazon workers in upstate New York are fighting for a crucial second union win

Amazon’s robots are getting closer to replacing human hands

Who owns what in Big Media today

Amazon’s CEO still isn’t accepting the historic Staten Island union victory

Some Amazon Prime customers say they don’t have two-day shipping anymore

Exclusive: Inside Amazon’s plan to “neutralize” powerful unions by hiring ex-inmates and “vulnerable students”

Amazon wants to be your doctor now, too

Amazon executives have discussed ditching Amazon Basics to appease regulators

Amazon’s Ring privacy problem is back

Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire

Apple and Google are coming for your car

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Amazon fired Chris Smalls. Now the new union leader is one of its biggest problems.

What’s next for the face of America’s new labor movement.

Amazon’s surprising new delivery partners: Rural mom-and-pop shops

Amazon’s worker union just lost in New York City. Where does it go from here?

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The Amazonification of the American workforce

The e-commerce giant’s labor issues expose the complicated truth about getting what we want when we want it.

Congrats! You formed a union. Now comes the hard part.

How a bunch of Starbucks baristas built a labor movement

America finally gets an Amazon union

Why Amazon is paying nearly $9 billion for MGM and James Bond

Amazon is raising the price of Prime despite shipping hurdles

The true cost of Amazon’s low prices

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