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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is stepping down

Google CEO Sundar Pichai swears his company has real competition

Alphabet’s top lawyer, who has been accused of inappropriate workplace relationships, is stepping down

Google employees join protest at Alphabet’s shareholder meeting

Full Q&A: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talks about child safety, the Google walkout, and AI on Recode Decode

Google’s parent company is facing a lawsuit for its alleged mishandling of an explosive sexual misconduct case

Google has responded to its employees’ demands about sexual misconduct. Here are the changes it will and won’t make.

Facebook’s stock drop hurt the rest of the tech industry — except Google

Former Google business head Nikesh Arora has been named CEO of Palo Alto Networks

Facebook, Google and Netflix pay a higher median salary than Exxon, Goldman Sachs or Verizon

We finally know how much money Nest makes

YouTube says computers helped it pull down millions of objectionable videos last quarter

Google’s parent company Alphabet added almost 5,000 employees last quarter, and now has more than 85,000

People are finally ‘waking up’ to tech’s dark side, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman says

Four people have been shot at YouTube HQ in Silicon Valley

Alphabet will operate a fleet of 20,000 Jaguar cars for its driverless ride-hail service by 2022

Alphabet’s Waymo is entering the self-driving trucks race with its first test in Atlanta

Index has hired CapitalG VC Sarah Cannon

This is what it’s like to ride in a Waymo driverless van

Uber needed to settle Alphabet’s lawsuit

Uber and Alphabet have settled their self-driving lawsuit with a $245 million equity payout

Bill Gurley contradicted Travis Kalanick’s testimony at the Uber-Waymo trial

Lyft considered buying the startup at the center of Alphabet’s suit against Uber

Travis Kalanick says Larry Page was upset Uber was poaching self-driving talent

In Travis Kalanick’s first public appearance since resigning from Uber, his competitive nature was put on trial

Alphabet’s drone delivery division has added an Amazon veteran to its leadership team

Comedy is hard, but making money from comedy online is harder

YouTube is telling advertisers it has a new plan to clean up the video site

Eric Schmidt is stepping down as executive chairman of Alphabet

Here’s the letter alleging Uber spied on individuals for competitive intelligence

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Alastair Westgarth is the man with the internet balloons

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David Drummond is watching over Alphabet’s deals

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Waymo’s John Krafcik has the answers to your self-driving car questions

Uber’s new chief legal officer tells staff: If you are surveilling people for competitive intelligence, stop it now

Uber’s security practices come under fire (again) after new evidence comes to light in the Alphabet lawsuit

Alphabet has secured another delay in its big trade-secrets trial against Uber

Alphabet is finally taking the driver out of some of its driverless cars

Alphabet has lost another trade secret claim in its lawsuit against Uber

Alphabet’s ‘driverless’ cars still aren’t driverless

YouTube is taking on TV on its home turf, and it’s starting to win

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