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How to keep the smart speaker you got for the holidays and still keep some of your privacy, too

The best Cyber Monday deals according to Alexa: any Amazon-owned brand

Amazon’s Alexa-powered ambitions contradict its promises to protect your privacy

Your smart devices listening to you, explained

The future of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri isn’t just in homes — it’s in cars

What’s next for virtual assistants like Alexa? Maybe buying stuff for you automatically.

Amazon wants brands to advertise Alexa voice shopping — essentially for free

Here’s Amazon’s explanation for the Alexa eavesdropping scandal

A former ‘Shark Tank’ contestant wants to use Amazon’s Alexa to make interactive children’s books

‘Alexa’ has become a less popular baby name since Amazon launched Echo

Amazon’s new Alexa-powered Dot encourages kids to use the word ‘please’

Amazon doesn’t need to acquire Best Buy — because Best Buy keeps cozying up anyway

Amazon thinks it has a fix to Alexa’s terrifying laughing issue

Full transcript: Sonos CEO Patrick Spence on Too Embarrassed to Ask

While Amazon doubles down on Alexa, it’s laying off hundreds in other parts of its consumer business

Amazon and Jeff Bezos have invested in a startup that’s trying to solve one of Alexa’s biggest problems

Watch: Amazon’s full Super Bowl ad

Watch Jeff Bezos in this teaser for Amazon’s Alexa Super Bowl commercial

Apple’s star presence no longer overshadows CES

Did Google Assistant win CES 2018?

Expect to talk to your devices a lot more in the future

Google is trying its hardest to keep Alexa from ‘winning’ CES for the second year in a row

Why Amazon’s master plan for Alexa includes things like voice-controlled Bose headphones

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Amazon’s Toni Reid and Rohit Prasad have made Alexa a household name

Full transcript: Recode Senior Editor Jason Del Rey tackles Amazon hardware questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Should I be worried that Amazon knows so much about me?

Google is essentially building an anti-Amazon alliance, and Target is the latest to join

The Echo doesn’t have one killer app, so Amazon is creating Alexa gadgets for every use case

Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are going to work together

Google and Walmart are partnering on voice shopping in a challenge to Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day could mark an Echo and Alexa tipping point

Amazon is quietly rolling out its own Geek Squad to set up gadgets in your home

Is Apple’s HomePod better than Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home?

Amazon’s new Echo Show proves that the smart home phenomenon is finally moving into the mainstream

Amazon unveiled an Alexa shopping machine for your kitchen

Amazon's new $200 Alexa device will give you advice on your outfits

Amazon is courting Alexa developers with free AWS services