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Airbnb is on track to rack up more than 100 million stays this year — and that’s only the beginning of its threat to the hotel industry

The gig economy workforce will double in four years

Tech companies may have a public-image issue in political battleground states

Clinton’s and Trump’s presidential campaigns spent more on Uber than traditional taxis

Full transcript: Tech journalist and author Brad Stone on Recode Decode

Full transcript: German hotel search company Trivago CEO Rolf Schrömgens on Recode Decode

Airbnb just launched a second potential growth engine ahead of its inevitable IPO

Ex-AOL exec Ted Leonsis sounds off on Apple, Snapchat, Netflix and more

Airbnb’s co-founder is creating an in-house design studio to promote stuff like this trippy house in Japan

Airbnb’s plan to win over the DNC crowd is all about why Airbnb is good for the middle class

Airbnb is going all out at the Democratic National Convention in an effort to win over New Yorkers

Airbnb has hired former Obama attorney general Eric Holder to join its anti-discrimination team

Elizabeth Warren joins a group of Senators calling on the FTC to investigate the short-term rental business

Airbnb wants to make bots to cash in on all the stuff you do while you travel

Airbnb is going to cash in on the disastrous Rio Olympics

Airbnb’s new funding round makes it the second-most valuable startup in the United States

Airbnb just raised $1 billion in debt financing because it can

Airbnb doesn't want to mess with what's working, but it is adding a few features to the service

Airbnb's new tool will let you complain about your neighbors who rent out their apartment

A $900 fire-escape tent from Etsy so you can Airbnb your apartment and sleep there, too

Airbnb just spent over $200,000 on San Francisco politics

Airbnb's hipster city guides are a content-commerce play that might actually work

Airbnb is dangling tax money in front of lawmakers to get legalized

Bloomberg Planned to Tap Sharing Economy in White House Bid

Twitter, Airbnb, eBay, Kickstarter, LinkedIn and Square File Brief Supporting Apple

Airbnb Co-Founder Shares the Email That Launched His Unicorn

Did Airbnb Purge Potentially Illegal NYC Listings Ahead of Its Own Data Dump?

It Looks as Though Airbnb's 2015 Momentum Is Carrying Into 2016

Three Myths About the Digital Economy

Re/wind: Here's What Re/code Has to Say About 2016

2016 Will Be a Good Year -- And a Hard Year -- For Airbnb

Under Pressure From Hotels After Paris Attacks, French Railway Cancels Airbnb Partnership

Capital Gains: Giant Airbnb Round Confirmed, Goldman Sachs Bets on European Travel and More

Airbnb Officially Confirms Gargantuan $1.5 Billion Funding Round in SEC Filing

Re/wind: Mark Zuckerberg's New Child and Charity-ish Thing, Yahoo Continues to Teeter

‘Re/code Decode’: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Says We're Not in a Bubble (Full Video)

Airbnb Releases Anonymized NYC Listing Data; City Councilors Call It 'Useless'

Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO; Holiday Gift Guide

'Re/code Decode': Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky Talks Paris Terror Attacks, San Francisco Politics

Capital Gains: Airbnb and India's Uber Each Raise Nine-Figure Funding Rounds

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