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What happened to Airbnb?

An Airbnb collapse won’t fix America’s housing shortage

The hottest new perk in tech is freedom

Hot beach summer is coming

By clamping down on DC rioters, Airbnb is finally acting like it owns the place

The layoffs at Airbnb cast a dark shadow over Silicon Valley

Why Airbnb is suddenly struggling to make money

A bait-and-switch scam ran unchecked on Airbnb. Here’s how it worked.

American consumers spent more on Airbnb than on Hilton last year

Airbnb sold some common stock at a $35 billion valuation, but what is the company really worth?

Airbnb is acquiring a hotel company. So is Airbnb now a hotel company?

How New York City earned its reputation for being tough on tech

“I’m moving out of state”: How some Uber and Airbnb employees are trying to avoid California income tax

Airbnb and Slack are considering untraditional IPOs that box out bankers like Spotify did

Uber, Pinterest and the rest of the 2019 IPO class emerged from the ashes of the Great Recession

Airbnb is donating $5 million toward helping the homeless in San Francisco

Why Airbnb will be worth more than Uber

Airbnb is suing New York City so it won’t have to share user data about its hosts

Airbnb is adding the first woman to its board — former Disney and Pixar executive Ann Mather

Here are five hidden trends in corporate America’s travel and expenses as online services take over

The U.S. government doesn’t know how big the gig economy is

Full transcript: Charlotte and Dave Willner, plus Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on Recode Decode

How Silicon Valley is responding to the immigration crisis

The fight between Airbnb and New York City is heating up

Watch MSNBC and Recode’s latest ‘Revolution’ TV special

Full video and transcript: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky at Code 2018

The experience economy will be a ‘massive business,’ according to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky

Airbnb on regulated cities like New York: It doesn’t seem like the end is in sight

Airbnb’s new Stories feature is an attempt to sell a new business line: Travel services

Airbnb has hired a former head of Amazon Prime to run its core business

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky are coming to the Code conference

The line between Airbnb and your average hotel is thinning

Airbnb’s CFO is leaving after clashing with CEO Brian Chesky

Airbnb reached full-year profitability for 2017, and it’s adding a former Amex CEO to its board

Airbnb’s CEO is promoting home rentals in places Trump reportedly labeled ‘shithole countries’

Full transcript: Recharge CEO Manny Bamfo on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Three million people are staying in Airbnbs over New Year’s. Eight years ago, only 1,400 were.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just getting started, says Spark Capital’s Megan Quinn

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Brian Chesky is building Airbnb into an enduring travel brand

Not everyone is a Facebook. Small companies are thriving even while surrounded by tech giants.

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