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Air Quality

Tracking the impacts to air quality from wildfire smoke to air pollution, and what we can do about it.

Why Canada’s wildfires will affect air quality for weeks to come

The Air Quality Index and how to use it, explained

Scientists fear the Western wildfires could lead to long-term lung damage

The orange skies and smoky air from Western wildfires, explained

Air pollution is much worse than we thought

Gas stoves can generate unsafe levels of indoor air pollution

The deadly mix of Covid-19, air pollution, and inequality, explained

Study: Small increases in air pollution make coronavirus much more deadly

Installing air filters in classrooms has surprisingly large educational benefits


What makes Delhi’s air so deadly

The law that’s helping fuel Delhi’s deadly air pollution

Air pollution is much more harmful than you know

Wildfires are making California’s deadly air pollution even worse

Study: US air pollution deaths increased by 9,700 a year from 2016 to 2018

Breathing dirty air takes years off people’s lives. This tool shows just how much.

We’ll soon know the exact air pollution from every power plant in the world. That’s huge.

Trump EPA appointees want more air pollution — that’s a very bad idea

As air pollution gets worse, a dystopian accessory is born

Northern California still has dangerous air quality due to wildfire smoke

Breathing Seattle’s air right now is like smoking 7 cigarettes. Blame wildfires.

The Trump administration is lifting key controls on toxic air pollution

How Delhi became the most polluted city on Earth

Map: see where wildfires are causing record pollution in California

These countries have the deadliest air pollution. (Surprisingly, Georgia is No. 1.)

Mexico City's adopting a popular method to fight air pollution. It probably won't work.

Meet the scientist connecting the dots between air pollution and dementia

India's air pollution is so bad it's reducing life expectancy by 3.2 years

Indoor air pollution is now the world's deadliest environmental problem

India has the world's worst air pollution

47% of Americans live with unsafe air pollution

Air pollution now kills 7 million people per year

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