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Championing kindness with new voices in documentary filmmaking

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Now more than ever, people all over the world are using the power of storytelling to reflect their hopes for a better, kinder future. To celebrate this, Vox Creative partnered with Starbucks and three talented filmmakers to create short documentaries inspired by the theme of kindness. Welcome to the Human Kind Film Festival – and enjoy the show!

Capturing Kindness: Through The Lens Of Black Women Photographers

Meet Noèmie: a member of Black Women Photographers (BWP). BWP is a collective dedicated to giving Black women space, resources and recognition in the photography community. We follow Noèmie and other BWP members Michal, Eno, Laila and Vonecia as they capture the essence of kindness through the lens of their camerasExploring the themes of kindness and community, “Capturing Kindness” shows how photography has the power to preserve moments of beauty and empathy, to tell stories that can inspire, and move people in ways that give them a voice. (7 minutes)

Directed by Amarachi Nwosu

Amarachi is a Nigerian-American filmmaker, artist, writer, and producer who blends creativity with social impact. Her work explores the complex identities and cultures that make up our world, with a commitment to spotlighting underrepresented narratives. Amarachi’s debut feature film, “The Ones Who Keep Walking,” is a groundbreaking documentary that explores the lives of African creatives spanning multiple artistic mediums in over 14 countries. The film has received multiple awards and recognition for its powerful storytelling.

Connecting Through Kindness: The Story Of An Unexpected Friendship

Meet Bernard, Willard and Dorothy. Bernard is a volunteer with Heights and Hills, a program that connects older adults with local volunteers for weekly home visits. For several years, he has visited Willard and his partner Dorothy where they have developed a one-of-a-kind relationship. And it’s in their cozy Brooklyn apartment, over a slice of pizza and a cup of coffee, where kindness and friendship bloom. (6 minutes)

Directed by Veena Rao

Veena is a filmmaker based in New York City. She loves the ability of film to allow us to dream and empathize with each other, and to influence how we view the world. In her own work, she is interested in revealing the extraordinary in the everyday. Learning about the experiences of others, and translating them into moving images is an incredible privilege and challenge for her.

Kindness Is Community: Days End Open Mic Night

Meet Ewuradjoa: an HR employee by day, and by night, a co-host of Days End Open Mic – a monthly event series for creatives to connect and share their work. The idea for this event was spurred when Ewuradjoa realized that many artists did not have a space to be creative in their day-to-day. Many of the artists had never performed in front of a crowd before Days End. Others worked 9 to 5’s where expressing themselves creatively wasn’t an option. For Ewuradjoa, starting this community was a small act of kindness that gives creatives a safe space to be vulnerable and free. (7 minutes)

Directed by Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Ewurakua is a Ghanaian/Caribbean director and writer who grew up in a tiny town in New Jersey. During her childhood, she immersed herself in storytelling and visual poetry. Eager to be a “borderless storyteller,” her unique experimental style is used to capture unexpected moments and highlight them in a creative way. In 2020 she launched The Melacast Network, a platform focused on connecting BIPOC actors, directors, and crew.

Explore more from the Human Kind Film Festival

Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how these films were made and hear directly from the filmmakers themselves as they meet with our host Elle Mills, talk about kindness as creative inspiration, and share what it was like to be part of the festival.

Elle Mills

Host of the Human Kind Film Festival, Elle Mills has been creating online video content since she was a kid and has since grown into a social media sensation. Now, Elle is working on writing and directing her own films, with a focus on championing underrepresented voices.

Hear from the directors

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