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Is your dream rental legitimate?

Don’t fall victim to a rental scam.

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Rental scams come in many forms, from fake landlords to non-existent vacation homes. All of these scams rely on the fact that we’ll send big wads of cash to reserve what we think is the best and only option. When it’s time to call a new place home, take a moment to make sure you trust the person receiving your rent.

Rental scams are not a rarity. Scammers have taken over $350 million from Americans in 2021 alone. When it comes time to sign the lease, send a deposit and first month’s rent - we can get tricked into sending money for a home that’s already occupied and was never a real option.

Rental scammers follow us when we try to enjoy our time away from home, too. Just when we thought we booked the perfect house on the beach, the Federal Trade Commission reports that in 2021, vacation rental scams cost Americans more than $95 million. Even if we’re desperate for an escape, we must take a beat to make sure the money we send is going to a source we trust.

A good landlord is hard to find. But what if the landlord you’ve been paying for months is a fake? Fake landlord scams can get you evicted by your actual landlord with no place to go and thousands gone from your bank account. The FBI reports in 2021 that 11,000 Americans were rental scam victims. Beware how you send your hard-earned money.

There’s no shortage of rental scammers and a wide variety of scams. Before you become one of the thousands of rental scam victims in this country, be sure your dream rental is a legitimate one and verify the source receiving your money.