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An illustration of a desk with a cactus, notepads (labeled “Important”), pencils and pens, a coffee mug, a laptop, and a 2022 calendar sitting on it. Illustrations by Niki Usagi

The Production of ‘Into the Mix’

Into the Mix is a Ben & Jerry’s podcast produced by Vox Creative and ABF Creative.

This advertising content was produced in collaboration between Vox Creative and our sponsor, without involvement from Vox Media editorial staff.

Into the Mix couldn’t have been made without the hard work and collaboration of the talented production team, host, and guests. Scroll along to meet the team behind the production.

Vox Creative

Annu Subramanian, Executive Producer

Jessica Glazer, Creative Producer

Bethany Denton, Creative Producer

Taylor Henry, Production Manager

Veronica Güity, Production Coordinator

Kiana Moore, Vice President of Content Production

Brittany Falussy, Design Director

Marcy Bosco, Managing Editor

Rebecca Gibian, Copy-Editor

Leeann Duggan, Copywriter

Kat Gutierrez, Director of Client Success

Ryan Phelan, Associate Director, Client Success

Rachel Adams Close, Client Partner

Special thanks to Gaby Grossman and Alexandra Pinel

ABF Creative

Wanda Reynolds, Head of Production

Anthony Frasier, Executive Producer

Mike Bisceglia, Producer

Ken Miles, Writer

Gary Swaby, Writer

Chris Mann, Chief Technology Officer

Jean-Claude Canal, Senior Sound Designer

Israel Tutson, Composer

Girl Friday Productions, Fact-checking

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