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a black-and-white portrait of danielle (a 30-something woman) on top of a pink and orange background
Danielle Prescod
by Lauren O’Connell

About Danielle, Our Team

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Meet Danielle

Danielle Prescod is an author, former Style Director, and the co-founder of 2BG Consulting — a consulting firm focused on guiding brands towards becoming more equitable and inclusive. She utilizes her platform to challenge the status quo, start conversations, and hold people accountable. Prescod tackles life with a big heart, healthy sense of humor, and total transparency, making her the perfect host for a podcast all about shaking things up.

Who we are

More Than This couldn’t have been made without the hard work and collaboration of the talented production team, host, and guests. Scroll along to meet the team behind the production.

From Vox Creative:

Annu Subramanian, Supervising Producer

Martha Daniel, Producer

Taylor Henry, Production Coordinator

Gaby Grossman, Director of Production

Brittany Falussy, Design Director

Lauren O’Connell, Art Director & Lead Designer

Uy Tieu, Designer

Phil Moody, Developer

Rebecca Gibian, Fact Checker

Julia Gómez Kramer, Copy Writer & Editor

Kat Gutierrez, Director of Client Success

From Epic Studios:

Julia Black, Story Hunter

From FRQNCY Media:

Michelle Khouri, Executive Producer & Script Writer

Enna Garkusha, Producer

Becca Godwin, Script Writer

Isabel Moncloa Daly, Script Writer

Jessica Olivier, Script Writer

DonTaé Hodge, On-location Engineer

Matthew Ernest Filler, Sound Designer, Mixer, and original score.

Sidney Evans, Dialogue Editor