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How this beginner cook found the perfect kitchen tool

Jane Roggen went from professional takeout orderer to home cooking queen, all thanks to personalized ads on Facebook.

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There’s nothing quite like the “a-ha!” moment of discovering a big idea. Those good ideas deserve to be found, and personalized ads can help us find them. They’ve certainly helped business strategy consultant and new mom Jane Roggen, who spends her days working in loungewear, organizing and reorganizing her skincare products, and hanging out with her baby Hughes. But her one true passion is food.

Here’s where it gets complicated: Jane was never much of a cook. “I can’t tell you how many dinners I ruined … even when following a recipe,” she says. Jane had more or less resigned to her fate of being a professional takeout orderer, convinced that her home cooking days would never come.

Jane’s “a-ha!” moment struck when she saw a personalized ad on Facebook for the multi-purpose Always Pan by Our Place. It was love at first sight. Designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, the Always Pan was perfect for a beginner cook like Jane.

Jane had her doubts: “Did I trust myself to make such a purchase knowing my dinner-ruining history?” But with baby Hughes’ encouragement, she decided to take the plunge and commit to the Always Pan. Call it fate, call it destiny — call it personalized advertising magic. From the moment the pan arrived, Jane was smitten. Now, she’s learning to master the dishes of her dreams, starting with bamboo-steamed dumplings.

Thanks to personalized ads on Facebook, a small business found a new fan, and Jane is one step closer to becoming the next food star. (Or, at least, a better home cook.)