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Why Carolina Gunnarsson and her family moved upstate, opened a farmers market, and created a new way of life

Meet the co-founder of Big Rock Community Farms Market.

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For Carolina Gunnarsson, life is better when it’s spent outside. Having grown up on a farm in Sweden, she was used to a childhood spent running through the grass barefoot, while tending to the land and animals. After moving to New York City and raising three young kids there, Gunnarsson eventually decided it was time to give her kids the type of childhood she had. She moved her family to their farm upstate to live there year round.

The farm opened up a new way of life, where she could teach her children the importance of self-reliance, independence, and the food chains — where they could learn where their food comes from. That connection to the land and animals inspired Gunnarsonn to use it for the benefit of the community, too: which lead and her husband to open Big Rock Community Farms Market in Stanfordville, New York. It’s a farmers’ market-style store that gets its local produce and goods from 40 different vendors in the area, opening up new opportunities for other farmers in the area to sell there too.

How does Gunnarsson keep up with her family, her farm, and her business? To take care of her property and maintain her busy schedule, she relies on tools like the Cub Cadet Ultima Series™ ZT electric zero turn mower and Cub Cadet cordless electric lawn and garden tools. With an efficient, electric lawn mower to help her quickly mow her property, Gunnarsson can unlock the possible, and bring fresh and local produce to her community.