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How one yoga studio quickly pivoted into a media business – and found a new, global community

When the pandemic shuttered Sky Ting’s studios, this New York City company refocused on a side project with global reach: Sky Ting TV

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When Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan founded Sky Ting yoga in 2015, they had, like so many entrepreneurs, a vision: in this case, of an inclusive wellness studio blended with minimalist design and a sense of community.

After only five years, Sky Ting had three studios operating across Manhattan and Brooklyn, an infrared spa, profiles in Vogue, and that most coveted of 21st century business accolades: they were hailed as disruptors. That last label came in the wake of the launch of Sky Ting TV, a subscription-based streaming service that offers a slew of yoga activities, from extended full sessions to quicker shoulder flossing classes for a busy clientele.

It was fortunate timing. As the Covid-19 pandemic shuttered their studio doors in 2020, Sky Ting TV was already built and ready for them to shift their full attention to. It also meant their business needed even more support. Sky Ting has utilized QuickBooks since they opened, and they’ve found themselves relying even more on its business solution since lockdowns began.

“Especially right now in the pandemic, our business shifted so dramatically and drastically. The cash flow app really makes it so much easier, and I can do a quick check in the morning, check out where money’s coming in from, where money’s going out to, just go get a better handle on what’s happening for the business,” says Chloe.

There’s a lot to manage when you’re running a yoga studio that doubles as a wellness studio, too. For the duo, payments are one of those daily chores that become, with QuickBooks, a little less, well, chore-ish.

“QuickBooks makes it so easy for me to see what’s going on. I love that QuickBooks sends alerts any time you’ve been paid, so I can really keep tabs on what our business is doing while I teach virtually or I’m in a meeting,” says Krissy.

In a sense, what QuickBooks provides is what any yoga teacher both needs and wants to impart to their students: more flexibility.

“We have a really small team right now, and so it’s super important for all of us on the team to be using our time and our energy super efficiently,” says Chloe. “So QuickBooks has almost become like another team member for us as it just has so many functions and takes on so many responsibilities. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s super easy to use and user accessible, which is key for us.”

Sky Ting co-founders Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan practice yoga in their NYC studio

Since the beginning, the core motivating theme for the pair, “has always been driven by this want and this need to share these techniques that have brought us so much joy and ease and clarity with how to live life,” according to Chloe. With Sky Ting TV, they’re doing it across the globe.