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How one non-profit rescued over 1,000 dogs in the past year

Rescue organization Hearts & Bones rose to meet the demand for adoptable dogs during the pandemic

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These days, it’s not hard to find someone whose life has been changed by a rescue pet. The rate of shelter adoption has been climbing since 2011, underlined by a big spike in adoptions during the Covid-19 pandemic. What is not always easy to find is someone so impacted by their rescue pet that they’ve built an organization dedicated to spreading that affection.

Enter Whitney Fang, co-founder of Hearts & Bones, a non-profit that connects shelter dogs in Texas with owners in New York City. She partners with Krystelle Sun, based in Brooklyn, to coordinate the care and transport of hundreds of shelter dogs who are housed in a ranch in Blue Ridge, TX, just northeast of Dallas.

Whitney Fang, co-founder of Hearts & Bones

There are a ton of logistics that go into managing the care and transportation of all these dogs – Fang estimates they carry 35 to 50 dogs from Texas to New York City every two weeks. Making sure these dogs get to the right owners, along with the work of managing an animal adoption ranch, has been made easier by using QuickBooks.

“We are doubling, if not more, the expenses as it relates to these dogs. Vetting, to get them healthy, spay, neuter, things of that nature. So, having QuickBooks and their dashboard to track our expenses is extremely important to the efficiency of our business,” says Fang.

With a thousand urgent tasks, she believes that QuickBooks smooths out the bumps raised in the wake of a small organization. Running a rescue ranch isn’t easy at the best of times, and Hearts & Bones makes an extra effort to take in nursing mothers and puppies, which are an especially vulnerable slice of the shelter population. On top of that, there’s feeding, cleaning, and medical care, and also a lot of playing; dogs need enrichment and rescue animals need to be socialized.

While it goes without saying that playing with a dog is, simply, the best, caring for newly rescued pets can be excessively time consuming. And time is a finite resource for someone like Fang, who saw the demand for her dogs double after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

A volunteer at the Hearts & Bones ranch in Blue Ridge, Texas

“Every day on the ranch we are always on the go, feeding, cleaning and doggy playgroups enrichment. So it’s really important that we have the ability to pay expenses quickly. QuickBooks really helps us do that.”

QuickBooks’ user-friendly mobile app has been a crucial tool for a passionate multi-tasker like Fang, who wants to see as many shelter orphans find their forever homes as she can.