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What if we could treat the root cause of genetic diseases?

Cell and gene therapy treats a condition at its source, repairing or enhancing cells at the genetic level.

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In some ways, the human body is like a house. You hope to live in it for a long time. You do your best to take care of it and to prevent damage. And yet sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, there’s an issue in the plan and you wind up spending your life managing its effects. But what if you could go back to the original blueprint and address the root cause of the problem?

Cell and gene therapies are designed to treat disease at its source. These are often one-time treatments, and they have the potential to cure certain conditions. In contrast, many conventional medicines must be taken on a continual basis for weeks or months, or even for life.

But how is this leap in personalized medicine possible? Watch the video to learn the fundamentals of cell and gene therapy, and visit to find out more.